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Friday, 18 March 2016

Is This An Establishment Lackey?

Useful Pretend Assange Wannabees.

The film released in 2005, "V for Vendetta" a very worthwhile view, spawned a global, profitable market in the sale of the now well known anonymous mask. It also promoted a rise in anti-establishment feeling and demonstrations. Unfortunately none were really successful.

The might and reach of American Corporate power, personified in the strident poster figure that is Hillary "Goldman-Sachs" Clinton, is scary. I won't dwell on their grip over Obummer and the EUSSR but rest assured their relationship with Erdogan and Turkey speaks volumes as to their convenient morals and choice of "friends".

So, love him or loathe him, Trump's appeal to a huge dissatisfaction surging through the American Public, for anyone not allied to and sold out to the gangster mobs pulling the purse strings, is growing massively. Therefore it is palpably obvious that the use of "Anonymous" is contradictory in the extreme. A supposed anti-establishment cause seemingly attacking a political figure whose appeal is that of being anti-establishment.

That Trump is a very wealthy individual makes many on the left to consider that to warrant an automatic label as an establishment figure. In the UK and Europe that may well be the association, Mandleson a gross example, along with many "socialist" tax funded fortunates. 

However Trump is admired for his success and lauded for his stand against the present system of blatant greed and power, on the back of a deprived public, coerced and dragooned into funding the crooked bankers, with their hard earned taxes. This done throughout the Western economies controlled so forcibly by American Corporate dictators. 

The EUSSR a pathetic, weak and failing organisation. One draining the very life out of the UK and other Nations paying a subscription fee for the pleasure of being very firmly sat on. Let's be sensible here. The present corrupt Western way of doing business is crucifying for most and beneficial only for a relative few.

So the more Trump's popularity and unforeseen march to a showdown with the Establishment's witch of choice is growing, the more worried the crooks running the show are getting. Desperate folk stoop to desperate measures. Note the "tampon tax" debacle in the UK right now. Nothing, no matter how large or small, that puts the EUSSR in a bad light, must be allowed until after June's likely rigged but still concerning for the establishment,  referendum.

So the scepticism surrounding the pedigree of "Anonymous" would appear to have credibility. Especially when deployed against a figure so hated and unexpected as Trump. Remember the snide comments when he signed up to run?
Here's a link to, ironically, an anti-Trump tirade, a socialist lament for the status quo.

This well written and crafted piece is seductive, at first glance. It is, sadly, so very 1984, however. The link to Hitler ignores the socialist mindset of that demagogue. Sure the comparisons with Germany in the past and the Western, American driven global ambience of today, is very pertinent. The latter now global, not National. 

Unfortunately the piece is that sleight of hand of modern socialism. One crede every bit as guilty as the rest of the Establishment. Look at the long list of Kinnock troughers, the Bliars and that creep already mentioned, Mandleson. That's before we consider the EUSSR crowd in the pocket of Corporate America. Note the following quote;

"Fascism doesn't happen overnight. it is the end product of years and years of debased rhetoric and an inflamed sense of victimhood. It happens when people have successfully been dehumanised by the apparatus of power".

The manner the author, typical socialist mindset, avoids any connection with its own guilt in the present state of affairs is really pathetic. Everybody and everything to blame but those left wing, bleeding heart superior moralists. The celebs meddling whining devoid of any substantial sacrifices and financial contributions. Or in the case of this article, zero attempt at meaningful, practical solutions to a mess equally created by the left as the corporations.

So the idea is not without merit that Anonymous and its presumed interventionist attacks on the Trump campaign smack of an Establishment double bluff. Amazingly it is going the same way as the "remain" campaign in the UK. The more the fear factor is promoted the more the public move against. It happened to that glorious bright flame of the pseudo left Establishment, Miliband.

There was a guy happy to parade his own political gravestone as a plus. Well, "Anonymous" may well be remembered as America's version of the Edstone. Seen for the joke that it is, as a pretend anti-establishment movement. One, in reality, as devious and desperate as the Establishment it is probably part of.

Unfortunately the next step might be more unpleasant and violent, to stop the Trump momentum. I hope not but fear it. Despite great antipathy to the man himself, I admire the passions he is stirring for the bloody nose our gangster lot deserve.


  1. Interesting to note that the BBC always applies the label “billionaire” to Donald Trump, oft-times only applying the label, and usually with a certain emphasis. Hilary Clinton, of course, never gets labelled “multi-millionaire” (though she, too, may also be a billionaire). Now, why should that be? You don’t think that they might be trying to affecting people’s opinions, do you?

  2. Ratty, absolutely not. People are only required to vote as they choose without any interference. Just like the UK!