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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Gave In Without A Murmur.

What A Bunch Of Idiots.

Coming to a town or village near you.

Try and find the nitty gritty of the deal with Turkey. Is it a €3+ billion or twice that amount? If it is €6+ billion is it a new annual burden on that stricken economy or a one off? My money is it's an annual bribe to Erdogan and Camoron will chip in with his credit card. One already trillions in the red! Such common sense, isn't it?

Still another march of 20 million Turkish Muslims into Europe will surely swell the consumer base to a level of utter, joyful and wonderful third world poverty stricken Utopia. Al those mobile phones, Nike trainers and unwanted VW cars off loaded in the blink of an eye. No wonder our wonderful leaders bought out every tube of KY jelly in Europe with which to assist the crawling up of Erdogan's backside so happily done.

How in this self inflicted, Erdogan stoked opportunism and obsession with destroying Assad, as instructed by the CIA, will anyone vote to continue funding the quagmire of lubricant our leaders will demand from a compliant rolling over of the once so proud Brits. As I suggested yesterday, a vote to remain locked into this foul, stench ridden corruption of a German run State, has more to be afraid of than a vote to walk away from the mess.


  1. The typeface on your posts is so small that I give up in despair.
    I used to read everything you wrote....... but I can no longer deal with the teeny tiny script. I try, but I just cant.

  2. Use Ctrl and + to enlarge the text - or the handy ZOOM option in Tools...
    "Old Rightie" is one of my favourite reads - thank you Oldrightie for hitting the nail on the head yet again.

  3. Not much of a deal is it - as I posted over at mine today.
    We should tell the Turks to sod off IMHO

  4. Hi, Moose, I'm unsure why this came about. I'll use large where possible. Anon also, with my thanks, offers another solution.



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