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Monday, 14 March 2016

Europe Continues To Burn And Its Economy With It.

Meanwhile The Political Violinists Bow Frantically.

Merkel has been given a stark warning that she and her Federal European lackeys are wrong, wrong, wrong. Of course the ballot box is seen by she and her Corporate sponsors, from the murky world of CIA gangster style businesses, as very inconvenient. Rigging referenda and ballots is a tiresome distraction from the main aim of a world dominated by a select few despots.

People such as Erdogan, in Turkey. Only this morning this brutal pal of Blackwater contract backhanders is ranting on about "terrorists" from his own suppressed, Saddam, IS style methods and genocidal rage against those seeking justice for their own people. This guy's brutal suppression hidden and ignored by the West's tame media. Naturally, if reports are not from Western, holier than thou sources we are conditioned to ignore them.

So Assad's CIA led propaganda vilification and nastiness, mostly unvalidated, as is the MH17 "evidence" Americans won't release. are just some of  a legion of issues dogging the West's present status in world affairs. All of them negative.

Monsanto's control of food supplies are just one Company with dubious practices and greed filled, bloodstained grasping fists. The processed fast food industry destroying peoples' health and creating a nightmare population of useless, fat and obese flesh whilst promoting angst and guilt for the Middle East. A climate exploited by Islamic militant belief, with some justification, that the West and Europe is ripe for plucking.

Whether the slow death of the West's economies is a deliberate effort to weaken and debilitate their prey, or just a self inflicted, fortuitous serendipity fostered by the blind stupidity of Merkel's actions we may never know. However its success in opening our ancient, Christian based and once very successful societies and Nations is there for us all to see.

Nonetheless Osborne now fails to mention this decay. Suddenly the EUSSR and its economic state is to be worshipped and admired for its future benevolence and lands awash with plenty for all and sundry thereon occupying. Indeed its an economic philosophy that says the greater the population, thus demand, the greater the wealth to be had by all.

The common denominator throughout the third world and much of the Middle East is a poverty stricken, over populated and poverty ridden awfulness. A factor ignored by Osborne and the EUSSR dictators. Why I know not. All I can see is a budget about to ignore completely the drag anchor on the global trading and economic well being that is the EUSSR. 

Of course its the seven per cent growth in China that's the problem. Or the turmoil in the Middle East. All and everything but the stagnation and zero growth in the EUSSR and its total euro failure. See the smoke and mirrors, there?
Seven per cent growth a problem, zero growth in Europe tickety boo.

Furthermore, lets not touch on American driven self interest in sanctioning Russia and blocking its trading might. Hand wringing crap by Osborne as to the mess of the world's business and trade affecting the UK chooses to ignore the synthetic arguments for not embracing a nation so vast and wealthy as Russia. Can't have that, the CIA will be very cross, won't they.

It's not all doom and gloom. Osborne is part of a Western success story of unimaginable wealth and riches possible to comprehend. A commodity awash in the corridors of Washington, Wall Street, Brussels, Berlin and London. Hypocrisy and its consequent nastiness where everything said becomes a truth. Just as an edict soon to be announced that henceforth all Fridays are to become Mondays. Weekends scrapped.

That violin player audible from centuries past. Only today there are large numbers of them gazing benevolently over the EUSSR. All out of tune.

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