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Monday, 28 March 2016

American Commercialisation Of Conflict.

The Profits Available Under The Guise Of Defense.

It should be noted today the exemplary tactical and military success Putin and Russia have achieved, as part of a legitimate, rather than subversive destabilisation of a legitimate regime, on behalf of Assad and the majority of Syrians. It was stated at the outset that you can't pick and choose which rebels to support if they are  violently disposed to use force to gain their own way. 

It would appear Russia learnt far more from Afghanistan than Western Establishments and somewhat poor leaders have done in decades of failed interventions. Many going way back to the debacle and killing fields of Vietnam. A place now at the forefront of a growing tourist and cultural strength begun once the burden of American arrogance and the sacrifice of innocent GIs was finished. This despite the terrible price the then defeated South Vietnamese were left to endure. Well not all of course.

My point in bringing up Vietnam is to compare the desultory American subsequent behaviour, post Vietnam, with the more mature learning curve of Russia, post Afghanistan, and the collateral fall of the USSR. The Americans set out to rule the world with carrot and stick. The Russians chose to become a new State embracing the best of their history. Not least Christianity. I leave it to my very welcome, if small readership to decide which, in their minds, is to date the most preferable.

Let us consider the consequences of the post 9/11 desperate thirst for revenge. The Afghanistan and Iraq campaigns doomed to bog down American forces and billions of dollars in a very similar pattern as attempted and failed in Vietnam. A sloppy, PR mismanaged withdrawal from both countries fooling few people. Particularly the fanatical and in fairness, passionate nationalists, of the Taliban. Their new found recruits in Pakistan now matching the barbaric and ignorant blood lust of IS. An atrocity just yesterday leaving even the Nazi gas chambers in a lower echelon ranking of terrible slaughter of innocents.

You will note how the pro Islam apologists and devotees to that gross religion's fanatics demote the tragedy on its BBC web pages. Even as every day that passes is producing ever more horror and fear. Even as Europe's people are downtrodden in favour of leaders determined to sacrifice their own nations to these people, to further the planned creation of a mongrel States Of Europe in America;s flawed image.

Then we have to consider the manner the CIA remit to sow discontent and revolution in the Arab spring, the taunting and prodding of the Russian Bear in Ukraine. That's gone as quiet as any rapprochement with Putin cannot be permitted. Global competition with powerful nations not deemed compliant and a big no no for American economic, corporate designs. Which leads to the question why?

In the traditional and accepted manner of such questions, the answer must be greed for power and money. Something capitalism in the West once offered all who chose to strive and have ambition for a successful life. Now becoming the preserve of those cunning and devious enough to marry unholy alliances with political and bureaucratic entities bribed and seduced by the worst of human personalities. That is to say immoral and unpleasant gangsters and lawyers, devoid of morality of consideration for the better side of human nature.

I would argue that both Russia and China, along with many others, eschew this American modern model of nastiness. They may employ similar distasteful methods from time to time but the one tenet now no longer part of the West's motivation, is the security and survival of nations and their people. Not an expansionism designed to plunder and destroy in order to provide blackened, charred ruins available to profitably fund regeneration.

It's as if the West thinks the flattening of Germany and its profitable rebuilding has become an untouchable template for a global, copycat blueprint to enrich the elite. Despite abject failures this unachievable ambition remains stuck in the featherbrained skulls of the west's incompetents. In this cossetted existence these idiots just cannot see the disasters already befalling their gross and stupid negligence. 

Their policies and objectives give the envious, racist terrorists an easy ride. Unlike Putin the Western fools in charge are more than happy to offer a welcome to those who would destroy all white populations. They tip toe round with a giant club of political correctness ready to strike down even imagined slights against all and sundry.

Many may dismiss my rants as those of a class now regarded as "far right". A phrase now trotted out against any nervous dissent or query as to WTF is going on. Well let me point you to a man many, unlike myself, admire. His article yesterday at odds with his rather weird pro-EUSSR one of just a week ago. I refer you to Jeremy Clarkson's article yesterday but not available online just yet. He echoes my sentiment and belief that many hundreds of thousands of Arab Moors are nothing more than racists. However this would seem to be of commercial benefit to the aims of the globalists.

I close with my admiration for the Syrian Army and patriots seeking to regain and liberate their own country Grateful for the effective support of Putin and the Russian people.

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