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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

24 Hours Later.

Cobra Has Been Convened.

"Presumably the early "far right".

Our representatives have spoken. We are at war with racist terrorists. There is, however nothing we can do. They are our favoured multicultural, migrant millions. We can't import them in vast enough numbers quickly enough to wipe away the objections but we shall keep trying. We will absorb the collateral damage and deaths of innocents.

We shall vilify Putin and Assad, we shall adore the Saudi billions. We will tolerate the atrocities and call anyone who believes we should actually fight, as our Crusader ancestors did, as "far right". There is no way we, the representatives of the corporate elites, will allow our loving benevolence to all things Muslim be affected or criticised. 

We will pursue the ascendency of Turkey to the European Union Islamic State, (EUIS), and we shall use short, solid silver spoons to dine with our new best friends in Islam. All and any who dare find our treachery anything but best for humanity shall be treated as scum and branded as white, unacceptable races to be quashed.

This ends the subliminal context emanating from the Cobra meeting and wholly endorsed by our masters in Berlin, Brussels and Riyadh. You see, it is our belief the world's wealthy elites, gangsters and their political cohorts are better served through the subjugation of a bolshie, white, dwindling race.

What hope do we have?

Footnote. The suggestion that the EU project had become the modern EUSSR is now outdated. It should now be seen as a further extension of I.S.  The E.U.I.S is possibly more accurate. 

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