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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

The Most Unpleasant Man In Britain?

Makes Paedo Rapists Look Saints.

A take home salary of a basic figure of £195,000 will be peanuts compared to the myriad deals, already festering behind the scenes, he will receive when no longer pretending to be a "civil" servant. Here is a man who gladly opts for a short spoon with relish and passion to get as close to Satan as he can. 

If it were to be learnt that the EUSSR has been genetically cloning such people some 60 years ago, then we would have a greater understanding as to why such nasty, unemotional quislings happily oversee mass slaughter in Iraq and Libya as it suits them at any given moment. Such as caressing the PM of the day's arse for his own spider's web of control. Two such weaklings, easily seduced Bliar and Cameron.

No doubt subtle hints as to their sexual preferences or drug of choice part of the gentle control. Plus the facade of supporting their "tunes of glory" to be heard throughout the land, as both men sought their Falklands, Maggie moments. Bliar in Iraq, Cameron in Libya. The bloodletting unleashed no more than collateral assets for the EUSSR, quiet, assassins such as Heywood.

Today it is reported this piece of Judas, EU seduced, bought and sold piece of utter ordure is turning the whole of his civil service, cretinous stormtroopers, armed to the teeth with smartphones, tablets and laptops, all at our expense, into a mobilisation against the rest of us. This report, no matter its efficacy has a powerful ring of truth about it. Heywood has form for attempting to stifle FoI legislation. Little surprise many MPs support that agenda.

This link commences  with seeming support by Heywood, only to morph into the more likely duplicitous manner people like this revel in. Any effort to see which way the nastiness might go is extremely difficult to determine from any public information about these folk. The EU Commission crooks identical to Heywood. After his frequent, though carefully hidden plots and schemes, you can just imagine the man licking voraciously, his very short spoon, whilst the Devil urges him on to sup even more the treats on offer.

If a tiny fraction of the nastiness running through the EUSSR and British senior civil service nonces was revealed, if only, then Brexit would pale into the nothing when the revolutions, triggered throughout the Continent, kicked off. Look at the draconian destruction of Greece, the ravaging plunder of Cypriot Bank accounts and the awful conflagration triggered in Ukraine.

Add the nightmare of Middle Eastern interventions, the not so recent Balkan atrocities, possibly a prescient look into the future for all of Europe, not least when the issues are wholly brought about by the deliberate enforcement of social engineering via mass immigration. An instigation via unfettered power such as wielded by those quiet but so dangerous, cold, power crazed types such as Heywood.

People who use their own political class to carry out their aims and control in the full knowledge their secret and publicity shy capability will not immediately place them before the wrath, if ever allowed to rise, from the consequences of their behaviour. Whatever I may yet witness in the rest of my life, I doubt the exposure and retribution these people deserve will be manifested.

Nevertheless, I regard any individual throughout Europe, who believes freedom is a goal beloved of the EUSSR, to be foolish in the extreme. It is a blighted, unaccountable, corporate America run, Mafia controlled cabal. At least with tyrants such as Mugabe, The House of Saud and Erdogan in Turkey you can see a target for antipathy or even hatred. 

In The West all we have to aim at are the puppets in thrall to their puppeteers. All of the front men enthralled with the jam promised tomorrow when control is fully established. In some respects you have to admire how Bliar managed to enter the hallowed mansions, as a welcome guest, of these playmakers. Like Hewood, an aficionado well used to using a short spoon.

To date I suspect Cameron and his team are still comfortable with a much longer spoon. If you told me they are shopping for sets of shorter ones, post the rigged referendum, I would not be surprised. Probably seeking Heywood's advice as to the best supplier. Washington, Berlin or Brussels.

One final link I would suggest you peruse, as a pointer to the attitudes I post on, is this. Especially if you are still expecting a decent pension in the future! There is every likelihood Heywood's already spent it on EU propaganda! As for the next large bite out of your hopes and pension saving plans, note the raid expected in the March budget. The EUSSR always did covet our pension plans. Ergo, after 1997 they encouraged Snotty and then Osborne to dismantle that self reliance.

Our homes will be not far behind. Can't have the aged hanging on to that which should now be for the State to determine the disposal of. Especially when they need accommodation for their millions of slave wage, migrant workers. I'm off to demolish the garage block!


  1. Don't start me off on Hatewood!

    Read my dissertation on what I think about him over at my place tomorrow morning...

  2. Hmmm. Yet another NWO tool of the Eurocom superstate. And let's not forget Piers "Rubbish" Morgan. Next time it's in London, put it in jail, where it belongs. We'll do our bit in the US.