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Friday, 19 February 2016

Still Droning On.

Ve Vill Still Be Required To Do As Ve Are Told.

Day after day this wretched ridiculous man, Cameron, rushes around the EUSSR, kneeling and begging to be seen as a great, European appeaser. Every bit as desperate as Bliar ever was, to dream of a future, glorious role in the new Reich. Little awareness of the real, hidden motive behind "ever closer union".

Germany has invested billions in this project and will, one day, seek to receive the interest and capital back in the Bundesbank. Their successful takeover of Greece just one small step to the future goal of an ever wider Federal Germany. A Continent governed from Berlin, aided and abetted by their "Vichy" ancestors in France and Belgium.

The only fly in the ointment, the British people. Still, as in 1939, their so called leaders are bought off. Unlike 1939, that piece of paper was an honourable attempt to avert catastrophic military conflict. Today it is purely the necessity of a global elite to secure their ill gotten gains. 

The reality of National identity is believed easily subjugated, if only through huge swathes of immigrants, whose only allegiance will be to this ghastly Federal EUSSR. So whatever Cameron attempts to deceive us with, nothing will be allowed to stop the conquest of the United Kingdom and its eventual status as a minor little group of ransacked Islands off the mainland.

Whatever any referendum result comes about, any chance of a "leave" majority will be fiddled, manipulated and thrown out by a myriad of tricks and nastiness, so well honed by those in power. Not least that monolith corporate dictatorship which runs all things beloved of American barons and despots. Not least their agents in Berlin and Brussels.

So I personally intend to observe the rest of this year's stage managed, totally fabricated nonsense knowing full well that by year's end our enslavement will be complete. Knowing also that, maybe not in my lifetime but at some point, this Continent will explode in an identical manner we now see in the Middle East. 

That boast by the European mob, that it is their munificence to themselves that has kept war from Europe, (the Balkans quietly ignored, as is the EU way for all things inconveniently the truth), will one day be proven the hollow bragging it is.

My sadness is for those who will face something that might even herald the end of the human race.  In a manner every bit as terrible and then some, as ever we have ever known. If that seems an overreaction just check out the horrors unfolding wherever these cretinous, power crazed people have intervened in the last 70 years or so post WW2.


  1. NIcely put together piece. I cannot disagree with a word of it.

    We have our Chamberlain in Cameron, but where the hell is out Churchill? Boris, Theresa, Gove? Not much of a choice is it?

  2. Try this one:

    The tune, "Prussian Glory", is a better fit.

    Mind you, my lot stuffed them..