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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Not Damp, More Sodden.

The Squib That Is Cameron.

I frequently bemoan the EUSSR methods to keep us all under the thumb. The post from the archive link was something done in the name of keeping European banking afloat. Just try and determine the interest payments that exercise are producing. That but one of a massive number of issues we never get to study and which our media is persuaded not to peer at too closely.

Look at this disgusting stitch up deal. The aspects of this show how weak and unimportant this so called "deal" being trumpeted to the skies really is. Here is a very expensive lock in for all of our trade and freedom. This agreement is a perfect example of how much we are in the grip of the American Corporate globalisation. Tugging of forelocks to our masters will soon return.

As for this wretched theatrical "re-negotiation". It is a "tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury". The fury illustrated by the anger against anyone who dares to question this sodden "piece of paper" about to be waved by Cameron. Waved in front of the BBC and EUSSR Commercial Pan EU Broadcasting Pay To View (dig your own grave subscription TV). Best of both worlds. Sure it is, Both worlds deep in the bowels of hell and damnation.

Note not one migrant crisis mention. A "deal" no more than an utter load of crap designed and planned to offer a Chamberlain style announcement. Just as back in 1938, as Cameron plays his favourite pretence of Statesmanship and waves a useless bit of tatty paper, the real power in Berlin will be raising a large schnapps as to how well its all going to complete the occupation of every corner of the United Kingdom.

Ironically there is also a Russian influence in the background. That might also act as a drag anchor on American-German ambition to run the World. Just as "Barbarossa" did for Hitler's ambition to rule the World. 

As I post, the "Boy" is speaking to the "European British people".  A total load of rubbish on "security". Sure, like our interventions across the Middle East, the poking of the Russian Bear in Ukraine. Our slavish obedience to an American Nation run by drug lords and Mafia Dons. 

The world order is anything but order. We are forced, through globalisation and the self interest of a few, to turn our backs on third world slavery. Sweatshop labour and despots such as the House of Saud, Mugabe and many others. We are brainwashed into accepting deals designed to be less than moral or decent.

I mentioned just yesterday the vicious treatment of Greece. Just imagine, in the not so distant future, the EUSSR decides to requisition houses to accommodate their precious "refugees". Guess which EUSSR State has one of the largest number of owned houses? Something which once fuelled social advancement and aspiration. You've guessed it. Still, why should the politics of fear be confined to the "remain" lot?

Indeed, the biggest fear for all of Europe is the mass migration underway. A problem which can only be exacerbated by "a reformed" Europe , regardless of the efficacy of that "reformed Europe". As in 1938, we are being duped. Look at the acceptance of that deceit and how it turned out. The Holocaust, Blitz, millions displaced and a world so rent asunder it has never recovered.

If "reform" is the buzzword, bear this in mind. Only a reform of the globalisation, Corporate America run selfish dominance can change our world for the better. Remember, also, when the Establishment rant on about "security", these are the same folk allowing ISIS and other terrorists  to flood across our borders. As for a "leap in the dark". Better that than a cowed march to the death chambers and subjugation to the forefathers of this abysmal, political cabal smugly toasting our demise this very day.

If you want one final reason to vote leave. Study those now in full flow to stay. Malcolm Rifkind, Will, "Snortie" Straw, Kiddyfiddler Pederast, Mandleson. Not forgetting the creme de la cremes, the Bliars and Kinnocks.

 As for that "leap into the dark", some people leapt off the Titanic, into the icy waters, sooner than go down with that stricken, badly sailed ship. As for a reformed Europe. Here's a reminder of a former "reforming" period. I guess the next time this happens the perpetrators will be drawn from a willing Islamic population.

Caution, graphic images.

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