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Thursday, 4 February 2016

My Optimism For The EU's Demise Looks Overdone.

No Thanks To Cameron.

Last weekend Mrs Or and myself enjoyed a quite special evening and supper with very good friends. Notwithstanding my perceived favouritism for over the Western media outlets, our overall considerations did touch on the somewhat dubious consequences of mass migration, fuelled by American driven interventionism.

As this week has unfolded I have leant towards a degree of optimism, divorced from the imagined perfect world, force fed us, of our EUSR future minor status as an offshore parking lot for the detritus now littering Europe. Sadly the media driven anti Russian/Assad, pro all things corporate Western enslavement and the soon to be inaugurated European Soviet Socialist Republic, have done their usual saturation propaganda exercise.

An exercise led by Cameron. Chief stoker and smokescreen operative for this ship of ghouls that is the corporate owned vessel known, for just a little while longer, as the European Union. The politically welcome hordes of economic foot soldiers, overwhelming the dulled, spiritless, emasculated endemic people of, in corporate and banking globalist minds, obsolete Nations, cultures and inconvenient nationalities.

Still my one grain of comfort still rests with Russia and China. To learn that Russia now equals or has even surpassed Saudi Arabia as exporters of oil to china gives me a degree of pleasure. Not least when we realise the extent the barbaric but economic despots of choice for America, therefore the rest of their global Empire, headed by their lackeys in the EU and Whitehall, (one and the same, pretty well), are still backed to the weaponry supply hilt.

It is all so ironic. The Saudis and Turkey, quiet backers of Daesh, are worshipped by the Americans as preferred allies and therefore any incursions into the Yemen or Erdogan driven attacks on the Kurds are all nodded through with a wry smile by America and their handmaidens in Brussels and Berlin. The whole mess of alliances and destabiliser cretins seemingly confusing and disparate.

Is there, however a simpler interpretation? Did our Establishment decide at some point the Sunni persuasion were to be preferred over the Shia? For once we have a decent BBC piece in this article. Note the massive majority enjoyed in the UK by the Sunni over just 5% Shia. Coincidence? Perhaps not.

Whatever the intricacies, we might well see a future for the globalisation forces, centered  in America, having decided the Sunnis were the best bet to further the political subjugation and manipulation of an enslaved consumer world. One wherein any dissention or attempted opt out of an orchestrated rat race will be severely punished!

Now if this theory has efficacy, then we begin to see some of the apparent contradictory alliances look less complicated. Sunni activity, good, any Shia sympathetic or tolerant behaviour to be vilified. 

The migrant crisis no problem so long as the majority funding, extorted from us all, is directed mainly in the direction of the Sunni cause. So the billions promised Erdogan and that despot's freedom to carry out "business" with Daesh, the quiet back turning on the Saudi attacks in Yemen and the reluctant relationship with Iran, is all wrapped up with the preferences and promises made to Sunni leaders.

I suggest also that the West's historic, money related, dealings with Saudi spawned the drift into the modern bias in favour of the Sunni cause. Add to the mix the more pragmatic attitude of the Russians and probably the Chinese, a pattern is emerging. 

The Islamification of The West, again likely Sunni biased, also begins to look a logical programme to suppress dissent in order to continue the march to globalisation. It would take a greater mind than mind to research this matter further. Sadly, whatever the intricacies, or simple greed driven aspects are, I see nothing worthwhile for a social order of cohesion. 

In particular the mongrel populations set to follow the pattern of  North America. A Nation beset with extreme poverty, inequality and no longer a "land of the free".


  1. Startled leafletter5 February 2016 at 20:39

    Still read the blog, glad to see it thriving and still in keeping with my own sympathies!

  2. Magic! Still keep track of you both via warbling! We should touch base soon.