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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Lies And More Lies.

Or Just Plain Ignorance?

Two more self interested cretins step forward. Especially the Pantomime Dame dreadful but obviously useful idiot. She states that only in the 1990s, thanks to the EUSSR, did cheap flights become available. Daft Cow.

I spent well over 40 years in aviation and I remember full well the advent of cheap package holidays in the early 1960s. Even today a week in the Canaries can be had for less than "cheap" budget airlines rip off return tickets.. The only thing cheap about them is their exploitation of gullible folk prepared to shell out £5 for a crap cup of coffee.

If the self interested, selfish woman had any decency about her she and many others ought keep their dubious, bordering on outright lying mouths shut. The biggest factor in cheap travel was and still remains the aircraft available. All begun by the aircraft type above. In its day, cheap, efficient, reliable and able to do two or three return short haul trips a day.

The modern fleets even better. So stuff a political bunch of unelected Federalists and their favoured Dames. Check the reality of international ICAO regulations for safety in the airand the economic fleets and engines which permit the so called budget airlines to fleece all and sundry with deceit the weapon of choice.


  1. Merkel as a pantomime dame....

    Ooooh! I'm off me lunch now

  2. Cheap was always in comparison to the cheaper air fares across the Atlantic, which have nothing to do with the EU.