Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Friday, 26 February 2016

Ladies And Gentleman.

Vote For Anything Other Than The Established, Rubbish Order.

I found this post uplifting. A mind worht examining. This dear fellow exudes a vitriolic hatred of our modern, Western Establishment with a venom only marginally second to my own. His observations on the vilification of the "Trump" scenario just superb.

The panic overwhelming the "natural order" is a joy to behold. Despite the solid credentials in place to mock and smirk at any hint of support for Trump, the fellow is still "kicking ass". Beautifully shown in Ishmael's post. 

He is brash, flamboyant and not easily bullied. Were he to become President and avoid assassination, we would see a world transformed to one listening to the majority, not the disparate, gross minority.

I also wonder if Trump might also turn his ire on those cretins this side of the Atlantic. We are now cowed, subjugated and damned by an Establishment which adores the weak, silly man and his ilk we have in Number 10. His one single attribute is a wafer thin margin of difference over Labour. I won't say over Corbyn. At least the latter has a degree of self conviction. Even if one as stupid as anything the EUSSR has to offer.

On a final note, I see the seeds are being planted for a second referendum if the first doesn't get the desired result. Of course no, zilch, zero conspiracy going on!

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