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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Is There A Glimmer Of Hope?

Is Cameron's Farcical Renegotiation Being Seen For The Nonsense It Is?  

The picture shows an emergency brake failure. A nice photographic metaphor for Cameron's negotiating rubbish. As he faces forwards, the "emergency brake" sends his car, the UK, backwards into a crumpled mess.

I am also intrigued by the rush. As I write this post, that leftie female bovine, Coburn, is presenting yet another pro-EU, BBC paymaster and brown envelope contributor "remain" campaign broadcast. Yet this heavily funded already pro campaign is definitely prodding the "Boy" to get on with the charade of an already fiddled, fixed, typical EUSSR, manipulation.

I ask once more, why the rush? Well that question has been answered by a prominent voice. A man expressing a growing realisation that the European people are waking up to the destruction of centuries of hard won freedoms and National pride. This take not pleasant but likely. 

It is a view echoed briefly this morning in Germany but wiped from the internet. Maybe a reader can find a link I cannot. I thought it was a German Minister comparing Cameron's efforts to "deckchair rearranging on the Titanic!" Or words to that effect. Or alternatively our old pal and musician, Nero!

Also a cause for a little hope comes this report. So we just wait and see how soon the migrant swarms become so obvious in their violent behaviour, criminality and sexual predatory ambition. I guess it will be when they're rampaging through the Cotswold mansions we just might see some sensible reaction to the enemy invited into our midst!

One final, sad thought. The vulnerable, weak and deserving refugees will find themselves in the middle of the replica horrors they expected to be safe from. The same tribal, barbaric warfare and evil nastiness no longer the preserve of the Middle East but proudly paraded by Merkel, Cameron et al as something to glory in. Never mind violin strings, piano wire is stronger.

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  1. I recently heard from my son that an immigrant friend of his , who has lived here a long time is worried. He knows if it kicks off then he will also be a target. IIt is people like him who should be having words with his MP.