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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

In Or Out Of A Dying Coffin.

What If Russia Is Victorious In Driving Out ISIS In Syria?

That question looks to be a looming possibility. So much so I would suggest that Daesh are already eying a new "capital" in Libya's Sirte. Yet another destination bombed into a safe haven for terrorists. You know, like Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Now who should we point a finger at in the enthusiastic interventions and meddling sense of superior self entitlement causing all this bloodshed, refugee crises and utter incompetent cretins? What is the common thread in the disastrous state of world affairs?

It will be fascinating to observe the future consequences now threatening the European Continent. Consequences utterly ignored, seemingly, by American and European pathetic and self interested political puppets of drug lords and Monsanto, Mafia steeped corporations. The whole mess is based on a political elite with zero morality or decency.

So whatever the pathetic nature of Cameron's expensive jet setting, luxury play acting, his nonsense resembles nothing more than the drivel espoused by Emma Thompson and her ilk. Certainly any shamefaced expression over the awful outcome in Libya and the cold blooded murder of Gadaffi, cheered on by Cameron and the grotesque Mandarins in the FCO, is nowhere to be seen.

Whatever is to be over a Brexit referendum, many observers possessed of a brain cell can see the EUSSR is a busted flush. Their banks awash with useless IOUs. Not least billions pledged by a Ukraine now ablaze with anti-Western interference now seen to be so wrong for the people. 

It is little wonder Obama has only insults left with which to attack Putin and Russia, as  Brazil drops the dollar as a reserve currency. Like Obama's rhetoric the greenback is also suffering for its blind exposure to the EUSSR failings economically. 

So if there is one single reason to vote to leave the EUSSR, it's the chance of getting aboard a lifeboat before the whole edifice sinks under the weight of mass migration from those countries blighted by atrocious military ignorant effort to impose the dubious present day Western corporate led ambition. 

Profit from war is temporary, the real costs never unknown until the bills start coming in from the fallout on a nuclear scale. Such as we now see in those wastelands created throughout the Middle East. Cameron, Obama, Merkel, Hollande et al are but inheritors a of post war history showing how we in the West have been betrayed and the peace lost.


  1. Latest poll shows a small majority for Brexit. Hopefully if there is a vote in June then the mass immigration season will have started again and then will swing it. I live in hope...

  2. Not going to vote. Will I be told what to do and have my wages plundered, by this bastard over here, or that one over there? Not much of a choice when you think about it.

  3. Anon - there's a difference between those two bastards - the bastard over here can be slung out once we are free from the bastard over there. Vote to leave and let the whole rotten, corrupt house of cards come crashing down.