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Friday, 12 February 2016

Impotent Intervention.

Corporate American And Western Stupidity.

During the American involvement in Vietnam I was unquestioningly supportive of all things Western. I swallowed the media narrative without question. The wealth garnered by interested parties, comprising arms dealers, manufacturers and the banks funding this conflict, never crossed my mind.

Nor were we allowed to know the manner and mass use of drug taking among disillusioned, scared and wasted troops stuck in this terrible conflict.  Drug habits, I suggest, which were taken back to The States and fuelled a growing market and its attendant problems many times over.

Yet that disastrous intervention, based on dubious reasons, taught subsequent movers and shakers little. The heralded "peace dividend", after the collapse of the Soviet Union, squandered on a pathetic effort to create a United States of Europe. An ambition now throttling the global economy, the catalyst for mass migration and a harbinger of doom throughout that blighted, unhappy Continent.

As with Vietnam, so with Ukraine, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, the Baltics and many other unheralded interventions. Intervention for corporate globalisation ends and perceived dominance. Totally damaging and impossible pipe dreams of a World run by a minute, unelected clique. A group very much behind the despicable EUSSR cabal. People supping with very short spoons indeed.

Add to this the propaganda machine used to suggest all things Western are perfect, anything else unworthy of mention and we see a state of play damaging all of human existence. Just for the benefit of a tiny few. At this point we start to realise the utter and pathetic nature of Western activity. War in whatever shape or form, deployed as a vehicle for untold riches and advantage for those given a rare seat at the table.

So how refreshing when an alternative view of world events and international alliances becomes more successful and makes the grasping, corporate elite look the fools they are and have proven to have been in so many cases. Syria is beginning to, we can but hope, look an example of how intervention should work. Love or loathe Russia Today, it's still a place to "Question more"!

There is a long way to go of course. Yet Russia's backing of a legitimate regime, at that government's behest and now another backtracking from a UN Envoy are signs of an eventual admission by the West that their intervention was wrong. As for Assad's human rights alleged violations, our bunch turn a blind eye when it suits them. Erdogan's blitzkrieg against the Kurds for one.

Remember also that Saddam Hussein was once armed and bankrolled by America as a proxy enemy against Iran. Then we get this daily vilification of Assad whilst the Saudi medieval, barbaric culture evades any criticism.  

If we were to produce a thesis on what drives the choices of the Western corporate elites, a major conclusion would have to be the extent to which greed and ambition fuels breathtaking hypocrisy. 

We saw this in the Ukraine and how that meddling crumpled under pressure from an opposition to that intervention. An opposition by a much greater number of Ukrainians, particularly outside Kiev, than was anticipated. Add to the EU cretins and their paymasters, Corporate America, the embarrassment of losing, in a democratic vote, The Crimea. That was a decent slap in the face and some setback to their arrogant sense of entitlement to run the human race.

I close this post with a link to one Western Statesman who still commands a degree of gravitas and respect. He makes this observation on the world today. One which surely any follower of the disastrous meddling by the West has long considered sensible.

How foolish, weak and gross the present anti Russian rhetoric, by the likes of Cameron, come across. The ridiculous and childish sulking over the failed venture in Ukraine now compounded by infantile sanctions against a serious trading partner of just a few months ago. The embarrassment set to deepen over backing a rebel opposition in Syria. 

The ridiculous notion that you can support "good" terrorists like a pick and mix sweetie counter, compounds the childlike comparisons. All of which is headed by Obama.  A man whose fingers are all over the anti Russian concocted antipathy. All because of an insane jealousy of Putin. Hardly statesmanlike, that's for sure.

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