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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Global Tennis War!

Serve, Volley, Return, Score!

I am enjoying a new game, channel switching from BBC, Sky and then Al Jazeera and Russia Today, news 24 stuff. Each "player" with differing styles, thinking, tactics and so forth. Just as in a tennis match, one can feel for a player favourably, only to switch that allegiance if displeased by a temper tantrum or blatant cheating.

So with political reporting and its coat of many colours. Everything Western good, honest and decent. All else to vilified and pilloried. Yet if we look impartially on the "games" being played, a sympathy can often stir for one or other depending on how well the propaganda is done.

The real sadness for me is the genuine leaning towards the side shown to be in opposition to Western play strategies. Sky relishing the slaughter and horror in Raqqa. Dominated and controlled by Daesh/ISIS. How this terrible and barbaric behaviour is spun into an anti-Russian rhetoric, escapes me in its petty deception.. Some clown, not even in that City, claims indiscriminate bombing by Russian planes are the worst of this place's terrible nastiness. 

This twisting of the obvious fact that Raqua is the hell hole it is would be just tickety boo, if it were not for those seeking to destroy these scum, being accused of attempting to annihilate those slaves held captive. It is little short of saying the West's bombing of Dresden was guilty of creating the concentration camps and holocaust. Can you tell the difference?

If we now turn to an "outside"  court, away from the "centre court" of deeper Syria, consider the game featuring Turkey and the Kurds. Or the Saudi use of American made cluster bombs in Yemen. Again is there not a further cause for wishing an end to these bloody matches. Is not the determination of the LEGAL forces of Assad, backed by UN clauses and Russia, entitled to a better hearing?

One thing is for sure. Given the West's dismal failures in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine and heaven knows where next, I suggest we need a new world order. One in which corporate America stops its constant greed and interventions. An alliance with Russia and a stop to the stupid propaganda would help.

Or even a public slap on the wrist for Turkey and their desire to commit genocide on the Kurds. Whilst we're at it, Obama and his corporate puppet masters might care to shut the f***k up over the UK's growing need and desire to leave their, Obama's corrupt mates in the EUSSR. Another failure dragging the world into total poverty and a single, third world entity, planet wide!

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