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Monday, 15 February 2016

Compare And Contrast.

Western Media And Elsewhere.

Our lot drone out 24 hours of drivel with rarely a questioning or inciteful coverage. Just consider this day's present banality.

The BAFTA hype about play acting and its attendant political correctness. A shock horror piece about some juvenile, probably archetypal British youth, thick as two very short planks, shining a laser at an aircraft. Another interminable report on the NHS. This time "mental health" issues. Yet another neglected facet put aside to help with the firefighting of a daily colossal increase in demand from mass immigration.

All of this output and not a mention of anything which might carry a whiff of failure by our political and global elite. For any real insight we need to go elsewhere. Social media or foreign TV news output. Al Jazeera and Russia Today good sources of real, hard news. Both shining a light into  the many dark recesses of the corporate, global cabals of that 1% who hold, vicariously, the world's wealth.

We have to go outside the homespun, pun intended, propaganda to get news of Greek further unrest, Afghanistan civilian deaths and the victories being driven home by the Taliban. We get little on the Saudi unholy alliance with Erdogan. Both Countries proxies of the American war machine and chasing their own self interests. Erdogan's forces now openly shelling the Syrian Army. So desperate to prevent a victory for the legal Government of Assad and his legally present allies in Iran and Russia!

Now as I post, a report on another hospital attacked in Northern Syria seized upon only to be put aside until blame can be placed on whichever air force has made this strike. Naturally, in that maelstrom of varied air force aircraft milling about it may never be ascertained. For sure the Russians will be hinted at, even if it be secretly known it's not they. 

My money will be on that terrible duo of Erdogan and the House of Saud. Both allied with the CIA cretins. All guilty of allowing atrocities against the Kurds to further some territorial covetous nastiness.

The issue of the dilemmas forced on the Kurdish people, for nefarious interests but in the main their powerful opposition to the Butcher of Ankara, is yet another matter ignored by Western media. Another part of lies by omission we are now deluged with. 

As with the EUSSR and Brexit subject. Can't let negatives get in the way of the elites' self interest, can we? So just concentrate on populist sport, celebrity drivel and knocking the NHS. Do not, for one minute, offer informed debate. No viewing figures and sales opportunities there, you see.

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