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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Blowing In The Wind.

When EUSSR/US Antics Are Going Awry Nowt Gets Reported!

This article caught my eye.  As we face four long months of claim and counterclaim in the run up to a probably already rigged UK referendum on EUSSR enslavement, note the West's failures in Ukraine and Syria are pushed into the background. 

The article linked to shows important contrary thinking by ordinary people. It also highlights, yet again, the clumsy use, by American interests, of proxy representation in other countries. All part of the destabilisation agenda of American corporate ambitions. It is rare these activities and ambitions come up against scrutiny. That is the shady, stealthy manner beloved of undemocratic despots. Not least the EUSSR.

As for Cameron's "safer in EUSSR" claptrap. How does that stack up when a passionate obsession to bring Turkey into the cabal is a fact every bit as much as Turkey is hand in glove,with the barbaric murders of ISIS. This evidence now on record. Not only the word of Russian propaganda. 

Many years ago I wrote of America's and the Rothschilds' "Maxim Gun Syndrome! The aspect of globalisation that seeks to arm all sides in any conflict to maximise profits for a chosen few. It would appear that this facet of greed and lust is very much in evidence today. If anything, operating in an ever expanding reach.

A Le Carre adaptation began last Sunday evening on BBC1, "The Night Manager". An excellent episode but also one offering little comfort for those believing, though a fictional work, that the horrendous reality of its storyline is not in essence, true. Indeed such is the intertwined, joint interests of, in the main, the ascendent Sunni tribal hierarchies, Saudi but one, it becomes ever more difficult to follow where our destiny is taking us.

Certainly the scaremongering over the EUSSR affinity, by the remain camp, smacks heavily of the "Maxim Gun" syndrome. That is whereby Saudi and the Turks help ISIS/Daesh with the full knowledge and complicity of interested parties, looking to maximise revenue. Income bolstered by billions of arms sales via nefarious routes and borders. Particularly the Turkish/Syrian Northern one.

Furthermore the Turkish attacks, aided by ISIS, against the Kurds is nothing less than a dreadful disgrace. All of this manipulated and used by American influence to further create sales opportunities. For the West to pretend the moral high ground in all of this is breathtaking in its hypocrisy. Just as is their cut and run behaviour in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. 

On balance dreadful failure except for the quartermasters of post war Western interests. The human cost of use only to create "charity" well paid sinecures for retirees from the corporate front line. Pocket money for civil servants silence after years of toeing very unpleasant lines.

As for the EU referendum, any vote or support for "remain" is an endorsement for the horrific manner our Planet is now seen as a playground only for those invited to use a small spoon on a daily basis. Not even a pretence of supping with a long one, anymore. 

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