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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Assange And American Reach.

Whistleblowing A Dangerous Game In The West Run By Corporations.

Just like the dark days of and within the Soviet Union, the West now leads the way with a corporate propaganda machine fully signed up to the Establishment's lust for total, ergo totalitarian, global empire. Fox, major shareholder of Sky, the beneficiary of a colossal deal with the EU. Why would they not push the joy of a EUSSR enslaved citizenry of consumers?

Add that media manipulative strength to that of the paedophile Corporation steeped in leftie corruption and bias and the onslaught of pro-EUSSR already bubbling along as I post, the power to be unleashed will make Goebbels look a childish amateur. It is a deeply ingrained part of the unsavoury and dirty fingernails on the hands of the corporate gargoyles. Hands also soaked in the blood of many individuals who have dared point a nervous finger.

As for the quiet propaganda by omission, what better way to quell any suspicions which might otherwise arise. Such as this soon to be fait accompli. The bought and paid for media being careful not to let too much, if any bad light to be seen glaring into the dirty corners of the EUSSR and its American handlers.

Then there is the ability, via blockbusting saturation, to brainwash a gullible public with anti all global elements not toeing the American line. Their main "bete noir" Russia. Thereafter any State, such as Syria, which dare gainsay and or refuse the bribes and arm twisting nastiness now endemic in all of the West's and American activity.

One other present meme being pushed is the "thousands" of refugees fleeing Aleppo. The American ergo BBC and Sky stance is that Assad and Russia are targetting "good rebels", i.e those supported and armed by America. Yet if we dig a little further, we find different takes and thoughts. Not only that but also footage suggesting a different response to the Russian backed, legal Government's successes, as we can see in this link.

Just imagine the glory sought by American interests if these victories were by American sympathisers. Instead the sour grapes are filling the vats to overflowing, trampled into a vitriolic wine vinegar. Probably as vintage a year as any recent years these sour consequences of destablising activity have tainted Western lack of morality and decency.

So it is of little surprise Assange feared the wrath of those spitting out the bile their nastiness produces. I see little difference in the death of Litvinenko and the likely fate of Assange being deported to America, via trumped up charges of rape in Sweden. Note, too, the vitriol aimed at the UN ruling when it goes against the might of convenient American morality.

Listen long and hard how the rape allegations have never stood close examination. Also bear in mind how these Swedish lackeys still struggle to hide and obfuscate, along with the EUSSR's  identical agenda, the effort made to suppress the horror of gang rape and brutality, now rife on the streets of this slum now known as Europe. Yet the flimsy rubbish cobbled together against Assange takes centre stage. Metaphorical plutonium, I suggest.

So when you swallow the vicious hatred by the authorities against Assange, or Snowden, for whistleblowing Establishment corporate evil and criminal behaviour of scary proportions, just keep in mind that if it walks like a swaggering bully, kills like one and brags like one, it probably is one.

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