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Monday, 22 February 2016

A Big Question.

Will The Falsehoods Over "Remain" Cameron's Untruths Be Uncovered?

If The Sun is prepared to expose Cameron's and the Establishment resurrection of the same lies and cover ups employed by Wilson and Heath, we may have a chance of actually getting out of this cosy, elite power base for the chosen few. Certainly there are decades of the awfulness and corruption we are locked into.

Look at the reality of an independent Nation of Islands. We could farm without the biased competition used to protect the French aged and wasteful methods. Subsidies unnecessary, when imported food and dairy produce not underpinned by American corporate and Continental Mafia funded fiddling of crops.

Commonwealth trade agreements designed to correct the treatment meted out to our close friends in the Commonwealth,  when we were coerced into that awful Union of crooks and power crazed oafs. 

People like like the French, desperate to hand back to Germany the bloody victories of WW2. Given Hollande's spiteful, smug rants about the UK and Cameron's nonsensical propaganda, over non-existent deals, their Establishment's capitulation to Hitler shows their character traits for what they are.

That's before we remind ourselves of their farmers burning sheep alive, self interest the dominant feature of German and French agriculturalists. Not a nice story, that. Certainly we should no more forget that cruelty as every bit as we are being force fed to forget Nazi atrocities. 

If my words are seen as xenophobic and clumsy, so be it. It's no more than the "remain" and "deal" rhetoric being given air time. Furthermore much of my anti-EUSSR stance, if not all, is centered on factual events. Not wishy washy propaganda made necessary by the nastiness which pervades the EU, unelected, Commissioners activity behind the scenes.

I am always horrified by the cosy relationship, by these people, with known gangsters and drug barons. How much is Europe's lack of economic recovery the cost extracted by the people turned to, to bail out the cretins in Europe? What was offered to he drug dealers in exchange for this sale of our souls?

Finally, for today, the fishing industry. How wonderful it would be to see that revived, unfettered by world wide permissions sold by the European cabal to their "friends" across the globe. Our fish stocks protected, nurtured and done with the historic success these Islands once enjoyed.

New trawlers commissioned, thousands of jobs and communities brought back to life. Freedom to sail our own waters once more. Add to that other freedoms an Independent Nation could embrace. Coal dug under our own regulations once more. Energy ours to develop without meddling, nonsensical "climate change crap" and edict from Berlin/Brussels. Always couched in rules and pettiness to give advantage to others in Europe.

In essence, a genuine understanding of the issues would make "leave" a no brainer, huge majority. Much to the horror of those quislings and Judas members of the establishment elites. Not least the Civil Service Mandarins. Their interest, the £500,000 a year tenures on their career ladders, when bolstered by the siren voices from Brussels. 

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