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Friday, 8 January 2016

The Deafening Silence Afflicting The EUSSR.

When Will We, If Ever, See A Necessary Draconian Response?

The unfolding barbaric attacks throughout Europe are simply too much to comprehend. The media persist in interviewing other than the victims of these traumas parading naive and frankly innocent, yet to be attacked young women to spout how wonderful mass immigration is. 

The monkeys running the EU are shown in all their wealthy, privileged attitudes in the picture above. A somewhat flattering image since when monkeys are threatened with extinction they at least fight back. Our lot appear more than happy to condone the genocidal consequences of free passes and movement throughout Europe. Happy to accept our descent into a subsidiary of that blighted Continent of Africa.

In this attitude to their obsession with promoting the barbarism now rampant in every town and city across Europe huge efforts are now being employed to cover up the brutality, savagery and outright racism now employed by millions of migrant scum. People now embraced by the authorities regardless of the horror unfolding. 

Under no circumstances must the explicit violence and assaults flooding our once hard fought, noble societies be allowed to question the stupidity and mistake "free movement" has brought about. In 2007 the economic collapse of Western economies came about from the self same liberal, soft approach to the Bankers greed and exploitation of post 9/11 Earth that is now stained with the acceptance of sexual gratification and misogynistic barbarism imported in its millions.

Will the apologists for this evolving nightmare feel just the same when they, inevitably, will be forced "Chocolate Orange" like to witness or experience the brutality once only known in fiction? Will, as their death follows hours of torture and grinning racist faces salivating over their sadistic triumphs, these idiots still spout how wonderful this kind, welcoming stance to all comers is what is the way to a golden future.

One happily bereft of any white faces now gone together with once wonderful Countries they created? Is the violence and sexual cruelty an acceptable price to be encouraged at all costs by the socialist dreamers lost in clouds of their own mystic world A world  of creatures identical in every respect and above all else, slaves to an ideology which demands genocide and the installation of a single culture. Rather like how Islam sees this future.

I will close this post with a further reminder of what is seeping into our present and signalling the future we are expected to bend to.

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