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Monday, 11 January 2016

The Arrogance Of Power And Privilege.

The 100K, Three Days A Week Club.

Where on earth do these people come from? The very spawn of self entitled arrogance. Strolls into a pretend job on reportedly 100k a year for a three day week  and then whines about the media for exposing his "7 star" trip to Barbados. Moaning as his Agency's servile EUSSR obedience witnesses the consequences of piss poor planning and careless mismanagement of our waterways and flood defenses.

The awful nature of his resignation letter just proves, as if proof were necessary, the mindset of these senior members of the "Old boy network" in the present day. Much of the text can be read here. I quote, 

"My reason for resigning is that the expectations of the role have expanded to require the Chairman to be available at short notice throughout the year, irrespective of routine arrangements for deputy and executive cover. In my view this is inappropriate in a part-time non-executive position, and this is something I am unable to deliver."

Three days a week on 100k, plus who knows how many add ons, pension bungs and perks. Then quits because he has to be on call from time to time. What a gold plated, self centered piece of opprobrium! Just bear in mind there's hundreds of his ilk sucking voraciously at the taxpayer teat. Chris Smith among them as Chairman of this quango of sinecure. An Agency which is purely a front for the implementation of EUSSR edicts.

Still, I suppose the revelations in the Mirror today give us yet another glimpse into this world. The Boy Dave mumbles some vague, wishy washy PR crap but this system just grows exponentially. As it did under Labour, so the backslapping, nudge, wink wink and overbearingly corrupt, modern way flourishes. Sickening and galling to be forced to witness. More so when its a major tenet of the EUSSR shackles.

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