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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Reality Is Getting Ever Starker.

The EUSSR Violin Players On The Roof Yet?

It would seem the internet is slowly growing some cajones at last and not letting the elites have it all their own way. This article pulls few punches. It is one of a growing number getting through the draconian efforts of the EUSSR Establishment to suppress the terrible situation now overwhelming the whole Continent.

As so many people warned and feared, the Pandora's box is not only open the idiots led by Merkel have lost the lid! As if to throw petrol on the flames Corbyn visits Calais and slags off the UK for not taking every feral youth, terrorist and grasper there into the already crowded "Crackerjack" arms of a beleaguered and blighted Britain.

No suggestion from the fool that France succour this wave now engulfing their shores. No mention of the International law on refugees requirement to seek asylum in the first safe haven they reach. No mention of the truth many of these vagabonds are young, economic and female seeking brutes. Nor any thought given to their victims throughout the Continent and UK.

Would not Corbyn be better spending his time condemning the rape and enslavement of young children throughout the UK? Rotherham, Oxford indeed every major town and city throughout these once precious Islands. Of course that route doesn't provide the volume of potential election fodder numbers he seeks to get into power on the back of.

A motivation afflicting every member of Europe's disgusting lurch towards totalitarianism. Indeed this migrant crisis might be suggested as yet another tool, an opportunity, for merging police and military might, into subjugating the endemic, white nations, once so successful in destoying the scourge of Natzism. Even credited, with some justification, with the fall of the USSR.

Are those sacrifices now dead and buried under this new state of Europe? It would seem so. As for one of the factors to have exacerbated this decline I point you to this article,  a wonderful bit of common sense so sparse in this EUSSR project of destruction.

The slow drip of otherwise suppressed reporting is becoming a global phenomena. That notwithstanding we necessarily need "leaked" reports via Russia Today, to get a feel for the growing violence being sparked by the criminality and sexual violence now igniting throughout the Continent. 

An aspect well documented in the UK with a daily reporting of ever constant rape, sexual torture and violence, against children, children FFS. Now who can direct me to the volumes of Hansard debates on these matters? Who will ensure these consequences of mass "economic" migration are part of the EUSSR in or out debates?

The link to the Iben Thranholm certainly points to a significant matter. That men throughout Europe have been emasculated to such an extent their spirit has been broken, their courage sapped by the hardline feminists of the Harriet Harman mould. She and the ridiculous reverence given by those perverts in the BBC and the rest of the wet, weak and wishy washy surrender monkeys of the left, to all things LGBT, non-white and presently in a minority.  

The very same idiots behind the "race" card trick now playing out over the daft Oscar awards. Well said Charlotte Rampling. Something few men dare speak up on. Is this another example of an inherent weakness of Western male standing? Yet we can hold out a small glimmer of hope as these stupid predilections are beginning to bear rotten fruit. 

Our only fear is this rotten fruit will become, indeed is becoming, our staple diet. As the BBC and the Establishment continue to force themselves against the growing pressure against their perceived impenetrable bastions of privilege and ghastly senses of entitlement, we can but hope that the modern age of communication helps us to breach those doors. 

Russia Today isn't all perfection personified. Of course not. Yet its male and female presenters offer a strong and assured production and questioning ability in many programmes that shame our own, narcissistic and platitudinous offerings. People for whom their own "celebrity" and wealth comes before the genuine needs of their audience for some direct, unaltered, watered down facts. Not rubbish we are given. Or the propaganda funded by those ghastly, faceless dictators stuck up Merkel's ample rear end.

So as the boy Cameron traipses around Europe for so called negotiations we can rest assured it's all a facade. More likely signing up everybody to a manufactured "deal" sufficient to keep the UK and its people trapped in the horrendous and evolving nightmare the clowns have drawn down on us all. 

For sure, we can all see how bad this corrupt and slowly evolving strangulation of Europe is evolving. The only way a vote to stay in this besieged garrison will be carried will have to be a total, I use this word deliberately, blitzkrieg of lies, obfuscation and oppressive, untruthful, heavily funded by the victims, propaganda. A trick beloved of all terrorists and despots, honed throughout two world wars, forcing people to dig their own graves.

I close with reminders of our "leaders outstanding success in forcing alien cultures on us all. this article first. Then a video clip.

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  1. I am awestruck Rightie, those words carry deep into the soul.

    The absolute truth, almost an epitaph for what was once.

    Thankyou sir.