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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Not Funny.

Though Laughable!

I will begin this post with a link to the disgusting events now unfolding across Europe, when primitive cultures are transplanted into more advanced Nations.
My choice of music above is only done because otherwise I would be weeping tears of horror at what our prancing clowns in Office have brought about.

As awful and horrific the multi-cultural "experiment", to subsume ancient, hard won Nationhood and freedoms, has developed, the dreadful irony is now being made visible. Mass migration of mainly young, ill educated and savage barbarians, in an effort to create an American cloned Europe, is spiralling ever more out of any semblance of control.

Of the more laughable aspects of this endless, ever more vicious nightmare, are the blind and dumb utterances from the Establishments responsible. People telling us that, as we are engulfed by the inferno of rape and violence, growing armies of infiltrators and terrorists, not to worry, at least we're warm!

A vomit inducing comment of this nature comes from this link and cruel evil. I quote from a statement made by a man whose child almost certainly was not a victim of this battalion of scum. Firstly we get this, 

German Justice Minister Heiko Maas tweeted that "we won't tolerate these abhorrent assaults on women - all those responsible must be brought to justice". Only to be followed by the now inevitable platitudinous bile enriched crap;
"The justice minister warned against linking the crimes to the issue of migrants and refugees." 

That rubbish added despite the evidential content and daily assaults now happening constantly in Sweden, Norway and throughout the whole of Europe this abomination grows ever more frequent. All the time the frequency of these life destroying attacks is only surpassed by the constant efforts to suppress the truth of what is happening. 

Ignoring this frightening escalation into battalion size groupings, as suggested in a further quote from the quickly buried BBC article, "…...the attacks appear to have been organised. Around 1,000 young men arrived in large groups, seemingly with the specific intention of carrying out attacks on women.". 

As this situation lurches from one depravity to another, note the total absence of comment from Merkel, Cameron, Hollande and the Uncle Tom Cobley legions of PC diseased morons. People pretending to be protecting us all from invasion and conquest. Just a moment whilst I play a burst of the record above.

What is carefully avoided in the reports of these violent, humiliating rapes and assaults is the trauma of their aftermath on the victims. Pause just a moment to consider how any of us would feel to be involved in this filth and smirking, seemingly untouchable, ugly, filthy, dirty, halitosis ridden, scum.

Spare a thought for the men forced to watch as their loved ones and even children are put through such gross attacks. People whose lovely, precious women are reduced to shadows of their once vibrant, optimistic youth and hope.

This EUSSR "project" appears to believe it has and will continue to keep peace in Europe. A belief that any consequences of the methods employed are worth it for "peace in our time". Well, if the surrender to mass rape, genocide and a future making "Mad Max" appear an OK choice, I'm sceptical. 

Or is my fear and resentment of what was forecast by many of us to be smugly dismissed as Islamophobia? How dare I wish for comment and actions from the very top of the "leaderships" responsible. Of course they know better than I about absolutely everything. Their gilded lives immune to my or anyone else's concerns when put against their greatness. 

As I mentioned just recently, the only aspects of 2016 likely to be different from 2015 are the degrees of horror unfolding. That plus the levels of ignoring it all Merkel et al will wriggle and squirm to achieve. As an example of all this remind me of the last top politician to have seriously condemned the misogynistic and racist violence rampaging around us.

When did Camoron visit the Rochdale victims, entertain those badly scarred at Downing Street or state there's to be a mega crack down and deportation of this scum. Never, too many votes to be had for quietly looking the other way. That and a probable connivance in hiding Establishment figures joining in these dreadful activities. 

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