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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

My Last Post Was About Arrogance In High Places.

So's This One.

Most of our braindead fellow occupants of these now blighted Islands regard the arrogance of our masters in the corridors of power with a shrug of their shoulders. Many thinking that they will never get old or if they do, some luxury holiday home and 24/7 migrant work force will be at hand to molly coddle the deluded souls.

The reality is more likely they will join the growing numbers, indeed legions, of folk no longer capable of being productive. Ergo a waste of space and resources. People required to suffer, some deservedly, for a profligate, benefit nurtured support for years of cheap package holidays and decades of self indulgence.

However many others will have found themselves cast on the scrapheap through no fault of their own. Not least people robbed by insurance providers and financial thieves, bankers and political expedience. These will be proud folk and likely to be in the forefront of the casualties of Establishment greed and arrogance.

Though this is an oldish article we are about to enter a predictably cyclical January cold snap. One which will seem harsher on the back of an unseasonable mild period. After months of laissez faire media quiet, standby for the handwringing, usual crap and shock horror, as the freezing weather, so very rare in January, hits.

Yet in all of this wasted wood pulp and recycled chip paper about to be produced, little will reflect the arrogance of this further post. For months the oil price has plummeted beyond any erstwhile expert analysts.  The very same chatterati industry of pathetic punditry disgraced by their own incompetencies, back in 2007/8.

Where's the outrage? As prices soared the EUSSR pushed for "environmental" implementation that added billions more to our energy costs. Up pops this dramatic drop in oil prices but not even a hint of a matching fall in those gas prices we are told, plaintively, when they soar, the corresponding, plus bonuses to be met, gas price exorbitant and life threatening rises can't be helped. "They track oil prices, don't you know. Out of our grubby, grasping hands, so they are."

As for OFGEM. Mustn't rock the boat. Platitudes galore when costs rise  alongside rising oil prices. Nothing can be done. Put extra jumpers on, assuming your meagre pensions can afford them, jump up and down if you can. Live in one room and huddle over expensive little fires. Prices tumble, sorry, we need to protect VAT income for the Gummint of profligates Comfort  high roller CEO's in the Quango industry and cover expenses for Peers and MPs alike. 

See what I mean about the arrogance. As with the EUSSR, such is the grip on the propaganda agenda, we rarely get hard hitting coverage. Little reporting, until social communications lit up the subject, on the attacks by migrant riff raff on women in Cologne and in fact, all over Europe. Including refugee camps.

That latter horror still not given the coverage it deserved. Not part of the arrogant agenda, as I suggest. Hardly a civilised state of affairs. I have given up trying to understand why this is all so acceptable to our ghastly "leaders". With only one seemingly logical possibility. The more primitive, ill educated the peasantry, perhaps the more controllable they may be.  

Good luck with that. Didn't work for long in the past, why would it today? Why do we have to expect turning our own lands into Islamic, tribal, Sunni versus Shia, barbaric killing fields and misogynistic, chattel creating women societies is the way to go? 

Still wrap up and keep warm. Huddle round the inferno, soon to compensate us for high gas prices and the surrender of that we once held dear.


  1. Thankyou Rightie, once again for putting so eloquently the venom i feel for those who have assisted with and by their ignorance, caused, continued, and handsomely profited by, our reliance on foreign supplies of power when we had a perfectly sound source of coal for hundreds of years of power generation under our very feet.

    A pox on all their houses, may they suffer as much as the genuine real working classes they so despise.



  2. You're most kind, as ever, Judd. Saves me from chucking in the towel so a very big thank you!