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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Kurds Mean Less To Cameron Than Turks.

For Cameron, Read America And Their EU Puppets, Too.

The picture is of Kurdish female fighters struggling against genocide every bit as much as ever the Jewish people had to and still need to do. A brief resume of Kurdish recent history can be read in the link here.

In the piece it is mentioned how the Turks used these wonderful people for their own purposes, on a promise of sovereignty. Little doubt they suffered casualties and losses on behalf of the apparent allies they had been dragged into supporting. The subsequent treachery and reneged promises smack very much of the very same practices used by America and The West when supporting Saddam against the Iranians. Kiev rebels in Ukraine and now, that holier than thou tyrant and killer, Erdogan.

A man shown to be dealing with ISIS for personal, family dynasty wealth and power. As detailed by a Turkish MP and supported by aerial drone evidence, Shown in this aricle and further in this feature. Identical in motive to both Gaddafi and Saddam and many other of the West's favourite puppets at any given time. Not least Poroshenko. Another in a long line of CIA engineered Presidents. 

Add to this dubious list the House of Saud we see the unedifying reality of how profit, self interest and mega wealth trumps every pretence of morality and decency. As in my post on New Year, the coming months will see little change. At least not that which many millions of decent people would welcome.

So as our hierarchy rattle the begging tins in our faces to extort yet ever larger sums for the human detritus of their making, note well the blindness shown for future tragedies and present day betrayal. Note the grotesque lack of any hand wringing for the victims of Erdogan's actions against the Kurds. 

The one group to date with any real success against Erdogan's friends in ISIS. ISIS, the self same people helping the Saudis against Iran. The same butchers mimicking al the worst of Nazi war crimes in so called "modern times". Yet our lot, led by the nose by the corporate status of the CIA have the gall to tell us Assad and his legal allies, Russia and Iran, are the wicked and evil targets for our gullible hatred.    

It has to be asked. When will our media help the genuine anger of Western peoples find help? When will the plight of people such as the Kurds be addressed and supported. When will this awfulness, brought about by the amateurish meddling of puerile Establishment greed, take a turn for the better? 

Can our lot not see that the delaying of Armageddon, by an alliance of decency, Kurdish spirit and character together with a solid alliance with Russia and Assad to defeat wholly the barbarity of Islamic ignorance and butchery, WORLD WIDE, is the way forward? Then 2016 would become a remarkable year.

I'm not hopeful and only pray that Turkey gets a reckoning, along with their Neanderthal mates in Islam.

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