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Friday, 15 January 2016

How The Left Hate The Truth.

Just Ask The BBC.

Or their kiddy Labour Ministers! This ridiculous child and gullible or even stupid girl pontificates about the tough, hard times we live in. This picture epitomises my generations' majority lifestyles. No credit cards, poor food, few cars and even fewer TV sets. 

Yet it was the strength of character that took many of us out of this real hardship. A strong sense of personal responsibility and an understanding that a better life was down to oneself. Not some pathetic political ideology and idiotic belief everyone should be rich throughout the whole mass of human overpopulation. 

A myth perpetuated by the left but devalued totally by history. The only beneficiaries of the implementation of social engineering dictatorship the instigators themselves. The Kinnocks, Milibands, Bliars and a whole host of  self absorbed labour chancers in the image of Lord of the pies Prescott. The "do as I say" folk of Labour, not "do as I do" suckers at the taxpayer teat.

This kid just another of that ilk. Whingeing about poverty without any understanding of the huge contribution Labour has made and the manner this thinking has ruined opportunity for millions. Still this doctrine of socialism gets credibility. Still mass immigration and its saturation of services, inspired by weird vote rigging gerrymandering by Labour, devalues the society once doing so much better.

How this mantra still gets air time and little clinical, strict analysis is beyond me. To watch young, wet behind the ears, gullible children salivating over lambasting anything which has been successful, preach the retention of dead end, manual labour existences with little understanding of the reality of past lives or sweat shop servicing of their own privilege is desperately ignorant. The blind obedience, without question, to a philosophy so utterly useless is both dangerous and self defeating.  

One glaring fact beams forth from all socialists. Their lack of any intellectual reasoning capability. Blinkered, self opinionated and exceptionally delusional the Labour Party produces generation after generation of misguided, thick fools. The latest consequence of their uselessness, a society plagued with alien cultures and stuffed with Islamic migrants hell bent on a barbaric, brutal culture of oppression, suppression and misogyny.

I wonder if this Ms Smith supports this culture now at its zenith in Cologne and throughout Europe? A culture invited into our lands through yet another socialist piece of action now falling apart. Can the silly little fool not see that our relative, for the time being, good economy is part of the draw for millions of economic migrants. Giving the lie to her claim of wholesale poverty. 

Thank you as ever, BBC. Your efforts to destroy my generation's' hard work and self reliance continues apace. Soon your apparent desire for a European Socialist Soviet Gulag will be realised. Maybe the likes of Yentob will oversee the forced labour camps. Ms Cat Smith cheer them on from their luxury villas. After all we get a little of that from Toynbee already, do we not?

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