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Monday, 18 January 2016

Another Deafening Silence.

The EUSSR Don't Do Bad Publicity.

The gift that keeps on taking.  Not happy with the publicity resounding throughout Europe, in respect of the attacks on women and sexual assaults, which will have left many hundreds of young white women traumatised, our masters continue to dream up ever more ways to appease these monsters. A levy to clothe and feed the racist barbarians in their quest to dominate and ravage our lives and economies as well as possess and rape our women.

What is going on? What mad agenda for genocide of all but a chosen few of the white races in Europe is driving the EUSSR. How did we get to the nightmare of millions of the World's riff raff and chancers now ensconced in their millions in our backyards?

How did this tidal wave of feckless, barbaric youths be allowed to become hard done by "refugees"? A fact that does utter disservice to those genuinely fleeing persecution. We bow and scrape before gangs of sex maniacs and arrogant beggars demanding more than many of our own endemic poor can ever expect to be handed out. 

The handful of women and children found amongst the "shock troops" are seized upon with glee, by a media and their EUSSR paymasters, to wring the maximum sympathy with weapons of mass engineered pity. Will these duped, ignorant deluded Merkel followers change this determination to worship all things Islamic when their young siblings are attacked and violated?

With the mentality paraded to date, I doubt it. Probably will relish the ability to appear noble. Prepared to disregard or even sacrifice their own women to these thugs to gain promotion up the ranks of the legion of traitors. A legion now camped in every corner of our lives. Where am I failing in not welcoming this rapid decline in once decent Nationhood.

All the talk of "peace in Europe secured by this EUSSR creation. In my mind a construct every bit, if not worse, than anything Hitler ever managed. He was brought down by the combined passion of millions of patriots, to protect Nationhood in alliances which proved stronger than anything we are seeing today. 


  1. Talk about deja vu, it seems for the last 40 years i'm time after time left baffled and saddened at just how duped puddled and brainwashed our fellow men and women have become.

    I've finally reached the conclusion that the majority of our electorate do not have a single individual thought process of their own inside their heads, spouting word for word like times tables what the papers or the TV said (taken from the official hymnsheet of the day), soaking up from cradle to grave propaganda from a biased traitorous bought and paid for media, not for one moment do they ever stop to wonder if the utter cobblers they are being force fed is true or a fair assessment, lacking the nous to look for an alternative news source, then to make their own minds up what might the truth.

    Goebbels would have been ecstatic at the power and unrivaled results our propaganda machines have achieved, would that he would have had such at his disposal.

    You just know its all over when our own people can elect someone as vile as Blair and his henchmen three times, and the Germans heading for their own revisit to hell by continuing en mass to support Merkel.

    It really is over bar the shouting...



  2. Judd,a fine comment worthy of a post of its own.