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Friday, 1 January 2016

A Sure Certainty For 2016

Little Will Be For The Better.

I've never been a fan of New Year's Eve. So little really marks out one year from another. Rarely do we witness, if ever, something uplifting. A leader that has cojones, a politician with genuine understanding. Above all, hope.

As for the modern, self loving, pompous habit of "New Year" messages. What a load of obnoxious, dreadful, nauseating drivel from a group wholly without any understanding of how ridiculous and pathetic their unwanted, selfish, self important and unedifying clap trap comes across.

Add to the grossness of these edicts the likelihood they were filmed on our time, several days before, or even weeks before airing and the whole charade of wise, caring and special people looks even worse. What might be an idea is to hold a competition for the most insincere each year they are staged.

Well, this year, anyway. I did think Obama's was pretty poor. Cam's, well Cam's. At least the latter is seemingly an OK guy. Just lacks much in the way of intelligence and charisma. Corbyn is even joining in. As for Fallon, he gave us a real taster of the meaning of the LibDums. 

However my totally unimportant award goes to that Krankie lookalike, scourge of any future prosperity for Scotland and backer of high oil prices to save her failed independence hopes to break up the UK. I give you Nicola Sturgeon. Enjoy!

As for a real leader in 2016. Vlad looks set to repeat his victory of 2015!

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