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Friday, 29 January 2016

A Glimpse Of The Future!

Your President Circa 2050.

Translation below.

Citizens and slaves to Islam, I address you on this glorious day when the Islamic Republic of Saxony and Britain becomes a favoured State of the all powerful European Muslim Union of Caliphate States. (EMUCS). On this glorious day your sacrifices, migration and military might have given Mohammed this stunning gift of a vast part of this Global and maturing ambition. 

European infidels are now, as I speak, building this great Union, as slaves to Islam. Their salvation available to them if choosing to convert. Death through hard labour, in the cause of Islamic dominance, their choice. My brothers, we are all powerful as servants of Allah.

You, my sons, are now free to take the infidels' wives and daughters as your own slaves and concubines. Feast on the failure of their weak menfolk to oppose the might of our supreme Prophet and Leader of the way to this Utopian Paradise on Earth. Strut your superiority through the lands gifted to you by the emasculation of the Kafirs and their appeasing, weak representatives.

What joy this great victory brings us. What riches gifted by Nations so foolish and condescending to the very invaders. Our cause having little to hide in our need to fulfil the wishes of Allah. How the might of our supreme God has imbued us with the superiority so palpable in our victorious success.

My faithful soldiers of Allah, you are the chosen, brutal and rightful rulers of all you seek. These rich shores, surrendered wealth, ready labour and recreational fulfilment are ours. Gifted by the supremacy of our brutal purpose and justifiable, unstoppable creed.

Go out into the streets now yours. Show the white, weak fools how their women are to be dominated. Remember the early days in the cities such as Rotherham, Bradford,Stockholm, Cologne, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Hamburg. Recall how even then your presence and your actions went unpunished and relish the now total freedom to impregnate all those born to unbelievers. 

My followers of the great and omnipotent Mohammed, we shall set statues of Trojan horses at the entrances to our Mosques. Demolish all monuments to the now defunct Christian idols and leaders of the now defeated Nations. The Trojan horse to become a symbol our almighty victories and take pride of place on our Black Ensigns of dominance and brutality to all who do not follow Islam and Mohammed.

Allahu Akbar! 

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