The despair Of The British nation.

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Election Year.

Who Would Have Believed It?

The erstwhile main three parties have declared, especially Labour, that immigration will not be discussed. Since their, Labours', "weaponisation" of this subject" is paying off as designed, why would they? 

For some inexplicable reason they and Wallace Milibad, also determined to turn the NHS into a WMD style subject forgetting that Labours' track record on weapons of any kind is very iffy. Let alone the inconvenient truth that here is another weapon backfiring.

So far, so good as far as shooting socialist foxes. Before we rejoice in the possible destruction of Labour, bear in mind they might, in 90 or so days time, be crowning Gerry Adams Deputy Prime Minister and Nicola Sturgeon Chancellor of The Exchequer. Ergo able to divert billions of English tax revenues to Scottish beneficiaries.

Then as our would be Government pitch their pitches for Office, arrogantly only prepared to gild lilies to hide dismal failure, let us ask some serious questions.

Why is nothing done to bring senior figures to book over child abuse and endemic brutality now a daily cancer in our midst. One heavily connected to Asian gangs, abetted by Authority. We now have the dregs of a once decent Nation steeped in sadistic cruelty to the elderly and the young, with never a mention at the hustings as to any measures to deal with this decay.

Then there is the matter of the crooks and banking gangsters running the EUSSR. Again not to be mentioned. The draconian and brutal conditions forced on the people of Greece to pamper the greed and arrogance of a United States Of Europe. A thinly disguised Fourth Reich. Again the socialist metaphorical weaponisation of economies. One under a veneer of good intentions leading straight to hell for the majority.

In this short post I have tried to point out yet another election campaign which will do, just as that manipulated and useless Question Time programme does, little to address real issues. An audience of leftie placements little more than spectators of a futile, choreographed pantomime. 

Have we ever had an election campaign in which the desperate issues, engineered out of the limelight, over decades, come to the fore? Of course not. Any party which asked the electorate to vote for mass immigration at the expense of overwhelming  our schools, hospitals, welfare capability and hard won decencies, would unlikely have been elected.

So, as ever, May will bring drama and surprises but the core Establishment grip on power will carry on as always. Just the speed of our demise as a wealthy Nation for all will change. Under another socialist regime it will be much, much shorter than anyone else. Not least with Gerry "kneecap" Adams a Privy Councillor!

Friday, 30 January 2015

Are There No Living Establishment Paedophiles?

Another Rotten Corpse "Outed".

This "charmer" is long gone. Funny that. Any major figures that pop up, related to Establishment perverts, are rotting in hell. How much longer, if ever, do we have to wait for the present, active incumbents are discovered? Probably the some time never ability of our Police Forces to bother with the sexual deviants from the Asian ghettos raping at will white children.

Don't expect the Hayman story to be found anywhere in the BBC, of course. Another predictable silence. I suspect their sacrificial outpourings over Savile was believed to be as far as they need go. Time may or may not tell but I'm not holding my breath.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

PMQs Today.

Milibad, From Bad To Worse.

The NHS "weaponisation" is all this clown can muster. Their, Labour's, last "weapon" turned out to be the peashooter of cost of living crisis. I suspect, as economic growth remains, money for the NHS and other services will become more readily available. 

How revenue and growth is managed will be critical and a delicate, deft touch required. Not least as the euro becomes ever more untenable. If, an ever bigger if, Lofty Goofy gets into Number 10, his Union pals will ensure their civil service membership will become once more cossetted and overpaid for less work. Just as the GPs were bought off by Labour and A&E left to cater for lack of out of hours GPs, so our economic private sector growth would be once more stifled under a blanket of bought and paid for state workers.

I'm no lover of David Cameron but his snarling contempt for Labour, at PMQs today, was long overdue. He spoke of them as I have always felt about them. Small minded, selfishly ignorant of how a Nation should be run and guilty of mass immigration overwhelming their NHS weaponry. 

Add to this their overmanned civil service, tax and spend, boom and bust and an unwholesome relationship with failed banks and the nightmare that Lofty in power, with Balls up in tow as the economic clown in residence, the outlook for our frail recovery would be wrecked.

So, in summary, Cameron and the Tories would be well advised to tell it how it was under 13 years of Labour minnows at the levers of power. If you need yet a bigger reason to loathe this hypocritical, self centered bunch of bully boy, union propped up, hypocrites, then remember their gentrified, mega rich beneficiaries of your taxes. The Kinnocks,  Mandelson and the daddy of them all, Blair's blood money. To name but three.

Sure all politicians are questionably wealthy but only Labour mouth policies of "equality" and soak the rich, when in reality it is the middle classes aspirational success they hate because it's conservative with a big and small "c". They court and mimic the mega rich, basking in the light of reflected glory from their backside licking method of government.

So more of calling the gold digger shovels of Socialist grandees the spades they are,  Mr Cameron. You just might squeak a majority in May, if you do. Also note how quiet McCluskey is just now and beware his potential nastiness to prop up his puppet, Lofty Goofy.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Climate Change And Greek Bid For Freedom.

Corruption Versus Decency And (Un) Common Sense.

This election, despite reams and reams of paperless and paper comment and miles of media presentations, is not the path desired by the despicable cabal of American Corporate global ambition. It is a glaring recognition by a populace that one size does not fit all. For, regardless of the somewhat arrogant dismissiveness that Greece is but a minnow, this vote is a large shot across the bows of the American/German Axis that dominates the subjugation of European Nations.

As for the raging debate as to what happens next, in truth this is uncharted water. That this water may become awash with blood is likely. Only whose blood remains unpredictable. After all, the EUSSR has been very adept at shedding others' blood in the Balkans and Ukraine, for example. Were a Greek thumbs down to Merkel and her allies in Washington cause greater consequences beyond the boxing weight of Greece, would be a bonus.

As for Greek debt. Compare those liabilities to the colossal sums thrown at the flawed and corrupt cost of "climate change" dogma, legislation and profiteering, (Guess who?). If these vast fortunes were diverted to support the genuine needy, the Greeks a perfect example, a vast proportion of debt would be easily resolved.

Instead we are force fed lies and gross misinformation in order to promote a new vehicle on which vast sums can be extorted from tax payers to benefit the "chosen" few. Don't take my word for it, consider evidence painstakingly researched, here. Were such sums be injected into EUSSR States, large and small, we would all be better off. Not least if the oil price drop was properly past on to consumers. A 50% fall leads to a 5% drop in domestic energy. A 50% rise becomes a 60% increase.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Rubbish, As Ever.

Jeez, They Stick Together.

"Look, Dave, they're just street lids."

As if they have no staff. The Establishment hint that, with a huge sigh of relief, we can suggest no further action can be taken on this issue. Typical carpet lifting technique with a large number of individuals sweeping in unison.

The "tributes" pouring forth also emit a huge smoke screen, too, belching out of the usual tainted orifices. In actual fact, a large number of senior and junior civil servants will have and still be, conspiring with their nasty chums in the security services to force this dreadful and endemic disease of paedophilia in high places to only be stuck on "celebrities" and BBC personnel.

Even if many of their fall guys are guilty, all they are just patsies to help the "big" players escape exposure. Much as the very top echelon of the Police Force are equally bribed, corrupted and knighted or purely blackmailed to toe the line. 

To suggest Leon Brittan's actions over this weirdly missing dossier mean he takes these secrets to the grave is preposterous. Whether any decent politician or Establishment figure would stick their neck out is unlikely. Certainly no Cabinet Minister. More's the shame, literally.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

A Convenient Demise.

Cancer Strikes Another Figure.

Despite the pictures, two of these guys kept their mouths shut to the grave.

Today, seemingly out of the blue, "Lord" Brittan has died of cancer. Not only was he accused of sitting on files, reported as viewed by the late Lady T, he was also implicated in scandals of paedophilia, as a perpetrator. So deep were his known dubious associations, his figure loomed large over the failure to get the child abuse enquiry underway. 

There will be many people in the corridors of power, I feel sure, heaving sighs of relief this man will no longer be available to provide any evidence under oath. Not only that, his relatively premature death will allow a Savile style concentration on Brittan's life style issues and provide an extra diversionary bit of tin can kicking, safe that others will dodge accusation.

Certainly fate is a strange phenomenon. Just one day after this file was "discovered" a possible subject of its content, along with probably quite a few others, will have undergone much trepidation, possibly even fear of discovery. Could such a shock expedite the already compromised human frame? We will never know, at least in this instance but it is a fickle digit for sure.

If we just consider that the man's high office of Home Secretary may have been his only transgression of failing to act on abuse accusations, many victims will feel cheated. If, as is alleged, he was a participant and orchestrator  of serious abuse, then the satisfaction of his public shaming is also denied.

Still, even as I write, we must remember that the historic, Establishment, cruel, sadistic abuse of children goes on, even today. Who, we might ask are the most evil, Asian racist abusers of young white girls or their Establishment, like minded activists? 

The former, imported from cultures where female children and women are seen as less valuable than their handkerchiefs. Or those who have made our Nation the pit of despair it has become, whilst engaging in the most horrific self gratification we can imagine? I leave you with that question.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The Art Of Kicking Into Long Grass.

The Establishment Show Their Cover Up Credentials.

This piece of excrement, now residing in Hades, shows the smug face of our Establishment when it comes to their child abuse recreational activities. So today, tucked away and part of the expected procrastination was this late afternoon session of the Home Affairs Committee.

I am not a fan of Vaz, whom I find odious and creepy, mega rich on the back of my and your taxes. However if he were able to stick it to his colleagues in Parliament and Whitehall, wonderful. If that then leads to gaining justice for the thousands of abused and buggered flotsam, so carelessly tortured by those deviants, so cosy in their sense of invincibility, I'll laud him to my grave.

One member of  the Abuse Enquiry Panel, as can be found from the link, had this to say about the pillar of the Establishment put in to obviously intimidate any members not toeing the cover up line;

"I feel bullied and I have felt intimidated by an adviser to the panel [Emmerson] ... And I made a complaint about the fact that I felt he was overstepping his mark, in terms of that advice and rewriting of letters, because I feel the independence of the panel is important ...
I feel as a survivor I have felt very bullied because I have said that I do not feel it is right for letters to be written. And I have been told by the Home Office about certain information that I may not give today about the outcome of the complaint."

What a blatant ar*eh*le of a plant is Emmerson. After kicking and screaming to stop this inquiry, the scum that forms the ghastly and perverted, paedophile underbelly of our Masters, calmly put a big mate in place as an overseer. An academic, legal professional bouncer, no better than the thugs employed to stand guard over the evil trysts and the sadistic dens used to rape and torture children for the sickening and gratuitous satisfaction of some of the worst animals on the Planet.

It is unlikely these sadistic child molesters will ever be exposed. Their placemen in the Police, Civil Service and Westminster have such a grip on their endemic, vomit inducing cruelties. When a so called independent enquiry is ostensibly formed, only one member speaks up against the bullies put in over them.

Watching the erstwhile colleagues of the brave Sharon Evans wriggle and spout allegiance to "protocols" was like watching the rape of a child before our eyes in its horror on display. I hope Ms Evans has very good protection. Just wait and see what unfolds. At best she will be set up and her character assassinated or at worst she'll be discovered having followed Doctor David Kelly's inexplicable "suicide".

How are we ever going to break this cabal of Satanic aficionados and their drug fuelled cruelty, left to run riot through the innocents coming off the trailer trash production line? How can we abhor the Asian grooming gangs when in practice they are probably pimping their left overs and cast offs for the final, snuff porno scum at the very top of our Governing Classes.

Perhaps a way forward might be to appoint Peter Mandleson and Kenneth Clarke as joint Chairmen of the inquiry. After all, it might be argued, what more experienced statesmen, apart from maybe  Lord, for God's sake, Robertson, might you look for?

As for Emmerson, the man should be hung drawn and quartered for his "advice" and bullying nastiness. Or made a hereditary peer in order to preserve his genes for posterity. Surrogate ones, I suspect. Instead he will pontificate and obfuscate whilst his mates "sort" the courageous Sharon Evans. Sadly my post will be easily suppressed and its value zero but we have to try, no matter how seemingly futile.

Monday, 19 January 2015

British Values.

A New And Grotesque Spin.

How British values evolved.

We are presently undergoing water boarding, or rather verbal boarding by our quisling Establishment. You know the sort of brainwashing I mean. Loathe mass immigration your racist, a little Englander or phobic about invaders and cultures your ancestors, over hundreds of years, fought to repel.

Now we are being drip, drip, drip, exposed to the torture of "British values" being determined in the light of the very culture our twelfth century crusaders firmly believed, with good reason, was dangerous and barbaric. One in which slavery, torture and mutilation, especially where women were concerned, left a stench and fear, never ever to be gone from the blighted lands of The Middle East.

So these "values" of mass imported cultures, wherein lie child rapists, barbaric, murdering scum and misogynistic inadequates are "British", we are ordered to accept, or else. Note how the dialogue rarely mentions any other religious factions. Yet until Muslims began to dominate the make up of mass immigration, other faiths went about, quietly, their own worship and social values without needing or wanting them to be regarded as British, or even Christian, values. Indeed they took pride in being good citizens whilst nurturing ancient customs and mores.

Yet Islamists and their apologists in power insist British Values are Islamic values. Here they are in action. A very British value and mindset, if you believe Muslim values are British. Is it not a ghastly and despicable propaganda war? 

Why I really cannot fathom. It is European wide and any dissent is quickly suppressed. How soon are we going to be required to attend "re-education" programming? Of course any protest is deemed "extremist".

Furthermore, we also have a brutal groundswell of Antisemitism beginning to show its face. Watch and listen as the modern day version of Nazi propaganda kicks in. White faced front men will be used and paid for to deflect the identity of the real and mass imported Jew haters in the Islamic centres of excellence all over the UK.

I guess we can soon happily embrace Antisemitism as another addition to our British values. Along with the segregation of boys and girls, men and women. Sexist apartheid, as it were. Another British value, or soon to be. 

Of course we might soon begin to understand why pubs are closing by the thousand. I'm sure there has never, ever been, in the short history of Islam, a Muslim ever known to have been the worse for drink. A good and convivial get together a British value not to be retained, no doubt!

So next time you are faced with an Islamist demonstration of brutality and barbaric behaviour, just remember, if you regard yourself as "British", it's your values on display. Not those old fashioned, nonsensical, Christian values, forged over two thousand years.

You know, the ones which drove Nazism out of Europe and paved the way for Islamification. Yet values which are now consigned to ridicule by your political masters in thrall to all things Muslim or Arab. Hence their impatience and frustration with any delay to bringing Turkey into the welcome bosom of their new "British Values".

Breaking news! Muslim, British socialist values on display!

Friday, 16 January 2015

All Talk And No Trousers.

All politicians.

Of the awful failure of human activity, mass migration is one of the most horrific. So when some slave to corporate greed of a politician's mouth moves, you know it's saying anything but the truth. Since they're all from the same mouldy mould of nepotistic and inherited privilege, non more than socialists, it might seem unfair to single our Camoron.

Yet when the scale of his impotence and deceit becomes manifest, he has only his own failure to blame. No wonder he wishes to ignore the subject of uncontrolled immigration. 

Terrorists by the thousands stalk our cities, our NHS is beyond help and saturated with unknown daily and annual increases in demand from across the Globe. Likewise our housing, water supplies and sewerage processing. Our schools will soon be holding classes under canvas and mud huts and struggling with thousands of illiterate, foreign, English hating, jihad recruits.

Add into this mix of decay and decline the globalist barons of gangsters, corporate bosses and their banking, crooked mates, the future looks very bleak. Not least their ridiculous belief that they can succeed by isolating the colossal power and economic, oil and resource rich Russian and Chinese axis.

As a measure of this incredible stupidity shown in the heart of North America and the cess pit HQ of the ever more destructive Europe, look no further than this must read article. 

As the West's obsession with protecting the sea anchor that is The EUSSR and its joke single currency, the euro, Sino-Russian economic power will mobilise, on the back of National self belief. 

As Western Nations are subsumed into a failed morass of a feeble and unrealistic slum of corruption and gangsterism, the old nations will mirror present Western suburbs. A global sink estate abandoned by the more successful National alliances of the future world order. Led by China and Russia. 

Two great powers waving flags for their own citizens, not countries without identity, decency or freedom and no longer knowing who or what they have been allowed to become. The only remnant of a global, empirical dream will be a carbon copy, a mirror image of the present Western towns and  cities and their disadvantaged, lost, addled occupants. 

Millions who have bought into the seductive siren songs and lies of globalist Bilderbergers and their mouthpieces. The same morons who have only recently wrecked Ukraine and fomented the Middle East for their own perceived advantages. Messing with two nuclear super powers, however, would appear rather ridiculous, wouldn't you think?

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Politics Even More Of A Joke.

A Third Rate Comic Is  No Surprise.

As this unfunny, pretend comedian, seeks to make a mockery of politics and also looks to belittle Farage, he may well do the opposite. Whatever, he is also saying f**k you to  all those who loathe what he and his ilk  have brought about.  

Let us hope his tiny career fails to improve on the back of this puerile stunt.

 Note also how the "racist" label has morphed into "hard right". The German discontent now so disgracefully likened to the rise of Naziism. All the while  the Western global engineering and white race genocide agenda moves on apace. WHY?

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

A Glimpse Behind The Scenes.

So Little Are We Ever Told Of The Truth Of Our Deceitful Establishment.
First he'll give away Gibraltar. Then the next lot will sell out, unlikely to be the Cameroon Tories, the Falklanders. Just you wait and see. The latter will be further pressure by the Germans and their minions in Brussels. Billions will change hands behind our backs and Argentina flog billions in oil to their best friends in Berlin.

Add to the building site white elephant construction back-handers and corruption, epitomised here and just a whiff of how bad things are for the "little people" is evident.

For a more powerful sense of the stench of our erstwhile main party leaders, I offer the following links;

Our one vain hope for change, first.

 Then a Reminder from August 2013
Immigration and recession boost UK population by 420,000... the fastest growth in Europe. New figures show there were 63.7 million in the UK in mid-2012
Increase of 419,000 or 0.7% in a year, Office for National Statistics says
813,200 births in 12 months, the largest number seen since 1972
165,600 more international migrants arrived than emigrants left.

Still, don't discuss immigration or EUSSR matters. Just keep making more and more provision for ever more immigration. This time by many, many masses with entitlement endowed by our Lords and Masters in Brussels. Still immigration and the EUSSR, no mention to be made in a General Election, got it?

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

I Could Never Better This Article.

With Thanks To F***W*T TW****R  

Just over three months to save The United Kingdom, there really are just those few weeks.

Monday, 12 January 2015

I Guess I Must Join Them.

"Them" Being Our Establishment."

Such charming individuals.

How to become loved by your leaders. Don't react to the savages placed by "them" in your midst. Embrace and show enormous sympathy and respect for the murdering, ignorant, rapist savages imported for reasons hard to fathom by "them". So here goes.

ISIS and all Islamic men and many women, justify their barbaric behaviour in the name of their glorious, peadophile prophet, Mohammed. Since many of their perceived enemies are white, I guess we should all bow in respect at each of their atrocities. Hail those leaders who so adore and seek to massage the slaughter as acceptable grievances.

The Boko Haram latest military success and great victory in its massacre of unarmed innocents is to be seen as yet another glorious and noble chapter in the history of Islamic brutality. Rejoice and forget your fears, for our Masters embrace, sympathise and adore these savages with a love superior to their hatred of their own people and Nations.

Of course bonkers Boko is just one arm of the rampaging, beloved hordes, invited into the heart of our Nations in Europe and adored by those who seek to suppress democracy and decency. Seemingly virtually all of our Establishments. So, rejoice at the loving embrace, by our leaders, of all these horrors. 

After all, none of Establishment ever get caught up in these noble and so understandable killings. Is that because our taxes go to fund huge protection, or is it their public adoration and love for all things Islam and non-white? Tough to call, that. 

Still, since this almost childish crush on maiming and racist killers, now solidly ensconced in our towns and cities, any mention of immigration, the vehicle for so much terror, needs not feature in any election campaigns. So long as the corridors of power, sucking up to the joyous activist martyrs of Mohammed, are safer than our streets, no need to broadcast the other side of this love affair twixt the powerful and the evil wonderment of murdering savages.

When next the powerful speak of "keeping our streets safe", remember they mean those the preserve of their own London streets and Cotswold towns, Judges' halls and Bishops' Palaces. Plus, naturally, those city streets now belonging to their beloved terrorists and Mosque based training camps, for the glorious, noble killers and racists.

Saturday, 10 January 2015


Truth And Reality Remain Out Of Political Stupidity. 

As the blood dries on the pavements of Paris out come the apologists and chatterati to preach how disadvantaged the ghettos and slums populated by third world, mostly coloured hordes of migrants. People encouraged by the sick minds of those in power to somehow wash out of human existence the need of all creatures to belong and feel part of their own kind.

Whatever arguments might be made for multi cultural enforced integration, it has never worked. People have an in built need to go back to their roots. If displacement and promises of rich, golden uplands in the West have duped millions to seek those imaginary havens, the slums, poverty and antipathy experienced was inevitably destined to create the mess now in place.

If we look for who is responsible for the simmering cauldron of racist resentment, ingrained in the masses, crammed into the ghastly slums now the mark of every major Western cities' peripheries, the Establishment and their innate obsession with a global single entity of human mass, are to blame.

What is never spoken of is how this deprivation of whole and huge swathes of immigrant corralling, ignites the seething hatred of white, fellow citizens. This ridiculous meme that racism is only to be found in white people is a joke. 

Since it is perpetrated by politicians and our Establishments, who are all clowns, joking around is their stock in trade. Trouble with that is that their humour is all evil and their masks those of nasty and fearful clowns. Certainly their performances are far from funny, as Gunner Rigby and the dead in Paris are testament to.   

Thursday, 8 January 2015

A Traitor Speaks.

Apologist For Barbaric Activism.

My response to the question in the pic is "is the Pope Catholic". So when the cretinous, smug perpetrator of so much of our disparate, dysfunctional, multi-cultural hell the UK and Europe has become, his weasel words today come as no surprise.

This is a throwback to the exact same disgusting vilification of Enoch Powell's so prescient words and forecasts decades ago. We can expect any utterances pointing the finger of truth as to what is going on to get this approach from the despots in power.

Note how we were expected to obey the call to despise Putin since he desired to protect his own people in Crimea. Likewise nobody referred to hating the Nazis as a phobia, since it didn't suit the PTB. Then, there was good reason to have such a phobia.

However to express loathing, disgust and hate for what these Islamic, misogynistic, paedophile rapist representatives are doing to destroy Christian values and decency, we are branded as "Islamaphobic". We have millions of third world, poverty stricken, in the main, poor quality folk, introduced into our Nation and dragging us down with their demands on our NHS, schools and language, with their their language of incompetence. In God's name why has this been done?

Yet we complain at our peril. We are branded as "little Englanders" if we protest at our hospitality being abused and our lives overwhelmed by chip on the shoulder racists. For however much religion and Islam is hidden behind, the reality is these immigrants are little more than ant-white, full blown racists. 

Consider how little trouble and complaining, positive discrimination is afforded, for example, Polish immigrants. So, Clegg, you ghastly little spawn of privilege and smugness, get stuffed. As I suggested yesterday, with good reason, you and your ilk are more to blame for the chaos in our modern world. More responsible for mass social engineering and the fomenting of a toxic brew than anyone else.

Still, the more Farage is vilified for expressing a majority opinion the better. More deserved nails in the Establishment coffins come May, God willing.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The Real Terrorists.

The Western Political Class.

Above, from 2012 and below the home grown bunch.

For many decades the Western political classes have allowed millions of Islamic maniacs to invade our shores. Despite warnings of what was to come, with such brain dead actions, they pursued their one global community dogma and stupidity regardless of the bloodletting that would follow.

Now the repercussions are growing ever more fearful and barbaric. Until the people of Europe get rid of those who have saddled us with the endemic hatred imported by the millions are brought to book our lives will get ever more ghastly. Our freedom, already eroded, will be gone.

As Milibad, Clegg and Camoron preach and promise their way through endless months of lies, and ignore with despicable, smug indifference the enemy in our midst and queueing at the gates, in their hundreds of thousands, we must turn to any party prepared to radically end this continuing importation of murdering and racist thugs.

How any of these traitors have the gall to preach they know best is just unbelievable Those platitudinous campaign antics beggar belief when we witness the chaos around us of resources and infrastructure collapsing under the weight of  their policies.

 Keeping our streets safe, they tell us. Yet every few years mass immigration is ignored. Well a few more atrocities and they will no longer get away with it. Sadly it's not their bodies and decapitated heads rolling about the blood soaked gutters. At least for some time to come.

So it has come to pass.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Monday, 5 January 2015

Told You So!

Groundhog Days, Weeks And Months.

"So that's agreed, dear friends, for the umpteenth election we won't discuss immigration and it's terrible demand on the NHS, education, crime and importation of thousands of terrorists."

So off we go. Camoron chooses the improving but still in the intensive care unit, economy and how, as they always do, Labour and their Union bosses will destroy it totally. Cleggy will just mumble how they've held back the "wicked" excesses of Tory rule, (as if they have done squat diddly but posture). Milibad will bang on with Labours' convenient memory loss over the NHS debacles, genocidal management and disasters over 13 years of useless, enforced ideological and failed dogma.

Apart from Labours' economic shambles and gerrymandering, vote buying with their own money, the thicker end of the electorate, their NHS record is second to none. As we should never forget. However if we would sooner use up to date facts to point out Labours' utter, fatal incompetence, where NHS delivery is concerned we have the scandal of  the Labour run NHS in Wales.

Given Labour bang on about their NHS fitness over others competence, it beggars belief how they totally ignore reality and fact. However, anything but mass, uncontrolled immigration is to be banged on about. Truth, fact and evidence, to be ignored. Lies, fairy stories of golden uplands and the pathetic repetition of decades, is to be the election campaign.

Food banks, homelessness, child sex trafficking and brutal abuse, are all consequences of Establishment incompetence and smug arrogance. None of these failings to be mentioned, over months of mantra driven stupidity. Most of us deserve better and should have a campaign which explains how come none of the promises ever made in the past have been met. An explanation as to why these moronic, trough gobbling ignoramuses should be believed this time round. Don't hold your breath and be ready for higher taxes, more austerity and an even worse cost of living crisis, under a vote rigging Labour victory.

Friday, 2 January 2015

The Greatest Ever Cover Up Begins.

Child Exploitation At The Very Top.

Only two days into the New Year and the Establishment are up to their old tricks. Indeed just one day in we got this small calibre salvo, a veiled warning to the victims and a typical "we will tell you little people what's what". A woman required to stand down because of family connection to another dubious figure in the shape of her brother's own history.

One thing we must always remain aware of, paedophiles have parents, wives and families. When those nearest and dearest collude and protect their own, the higher their place in the Establishment, the greater their ability to be successful. That such defenses allow this horrendous abuse of vulnerable and lonely children and allow the ever increasing rise in trafficking and slavery, matters not when protecting the sanctity of privilege or the promotion of political correctness.

As for the sanctity of privilege. The anxiety behind the secrets languishing in the depths of the Establishment, until now little more than mild irritation, is beginning to become less languid. Despite this matter's legal status the "Palace" chooses to issue a denial. One no doubt broadcast to potential jurists in America and likely to discolour any prosecution case. On top of that a quiet message to anyone looking to curry favour with the Royal Family in protecting their nearest and sadly, dearest.

There is no doubt some midnight oil being burnt sufficient to create an inferno. MI5 and MI6 will be gathering their own present and past protectors of this nastiness, an evil reputedly and  also populated by secret service hierarchical scum. This is some effort going to be required to sit on this Pandora's box. An effort likely to claim further lives in its need to kill any individual with a key to that box.

We can but hope that the gap in the lid will allow enough daylight to force it wide open. One thing now available is the internet. A global tyre lever able to prise open even the most secure boxes of secrets.

Furthermore, when these awful and grotesque paedophiles are believed to have exploited tax payer funded security services, political connections and deeply ingrained abuse of ridiculous non-jobs for the boys, those with any belief in decency and or children to protect will be less forgiving.

Prince Andrew's get out clause will be the plaintiff is said to have been 17 years old and ergo OK in English law. Less easy will be the claim she was coerced but again the allegations can be ducked with "I had no idea yer 'onour". However this one case will not be just that, a one off.

As for Epstein, a fine friend for anyone to have. So why did this Prince of The Realm deem it perfectly fine to enjoy this man's largess on the back of his Government non-job jamborees? Indeed how many other characters such as Peter Mandleson dined at these tables of short spoon fine dining?

The more we dig the greater the questions which remain unanswered. Maybe, just maybe, we may learn more. Not least matters such as the suggestion Bliar was blackmailed into supporting Bush in his failed Iraq intervention. To date we have a huge library of ifs, maybes and innuendo.

Nevertheless, so much is now coming to light that is more and more difficult to suppress. We may get some concrete prosecutions. This ever growing clamour  and number of victims may well overwhelm the cretins in power. Whilst the dirty secrets remain hidden we can never, ever, expect to have a Government or society we can be proud of.

It's a big ask, since the Establishment is required to sacrifice its own. For that to happen, in an election campaign is most unlikely, if ever, of course. Unless a precious child of their own is found above a kebab shop or in a posh children's home, funded by the perpetrators of this abuse at the highest level.

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