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Monday, 7 December 2015

You Won't Get The Truth From Washington.

Kerry The Wiggy Assassin.

Listen to this utter delusion!

Why is America hell bent on global destruction? First they responded to the 9/11 attacks by building a Mosque next door. During that "reconstruction" it was determined by Bush junior to take a can opener to The Middle East. At the same time as getting the UK's resident clown in Number 10, Bliar the compulsive liar, to go along with dodgy dossiers and made up crap to justify billions of dollars and pounds yet to be found. For good measure the embryonic sibling of the USA, the EUSSR, was co-opted into joining in the bun fight of a tragic, destabilising release of the can's worms.

Many questioned the sense of these actions, to no avail. Look at the mess now wriggling across The Middle East, Europe and indeed the whole Planet. Not to be sidelined, Camoron had a crack at a smaller can in Libya. One hiding as many worms, just more tightly coiled, than the first one opened. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya the, so far, most glaringly obvious centres of interventionist putrid failure.

Despite these embarrassing and bloodstained errors of a huge magnitude we still are forced to witness that piece of excremental, thick, turd mouthing Kerry lambasting the one ally of any real consequence, Russia. With the possibility of China prepared to follow suit in a grand and powerful coalition of the only kind able to stop the surge for global dominance threatening to overwhelm the remnants of a decent, Christian, based way of life.

A way of life already subsumed in corporate greed for dominance over all other human interest. Exactly as that sought by the barbaric Islamists. Both parties locked in a struggle the rest of us have little time for. I suggest that includes the Russian and Chinese Governments. Yet the Yanks and that gross man in the White House do very little other than stir the pot. Stir in the idiotic belief that the chaos wrought is somehow in their own interests!

With all their trumpeted military bombing prowess, hyped to the skies, they now bomb legally constituted Syrian forces. To add insult, Kerry then spouts that ludicrous mantra that somehow America has the right to impose, by force, their own regime candidates in Syria. Just as they did in Ukraine. Is the attack on a Syrian Army base a lethal piece of sabre rattling? Was the shooting down of a Russian bomber the same? FFS, what's a matter with them?

Still, we can have a glimmer of hope when somebody in all this actually seems to "get it". Love him or loathe him, Boris seems to have more than his fair share of cojones.  Mind you, as WW3 refuses to fade as a prospect, our boy Dave has taken his Canute entourage to Cumbria. 

A PR opportunity to spout climate change, ignoring the fact as to why its known as The Lake District! Or ignore the money blown on crap, token Establishment flood defences. The millions of concrete edifices required to shelter the millions of immigrant population explosion. Every single square foot of roof created pouring billions of gallons of water onto the streets below! Now those are real, inconvenient truths. Musn't let a PR preening visit go to waste. The Global threat can wait.

Indeed, perhaps Dave feels his intimate relationship with Obummer allows him to relax as his new best mate strives to destroy the Planet. Way to go, guys!

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