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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

You Don't Have To Like Them.

Why Is The Truth So Hard To Swallow By Politicians?

I have always regarded Trump with disdain. However, as with Corbyn, I listen to what he says and much resonates in its separate manner of conviction. Ergo, disliking both men should not mean dismissing everything they have to say. Corbyn is right on our bombing of Syria, even for the wrong reasons. 

Trump and Marine Le Pen are ideologically miles apart but both have good reasons and arguments when it comes to the rise of the Islamic ambition to fulfil their Koran's demand and enslave all of mankind under an Islamic dictatorship. A demand already steeped in barbaric execution. Pun intended. 

One factor in all of this is that The West has to put aside their own corporate greed for economic dominance of the Planet. A greed fuelling a propaganda machine now out of control. A machine only programmed to ignore all but the garbage fed into the spout. 

Look at the mess in The Middle East. Nurtured by secretive American and Western nastiness as bad as the stuff driving Islamic rape and pillage. The support for Turkey after their obedient shooting down of a Russian, legally present fighter bomber. The bombing of a Syrian hospital and a Syrian Army base making headway against ISIS. Note the blind eye to Turkey's offensive against the successful fighting done by the Kurds in Northern Syria.

Note the Enoch Powell like vilification of Trump. As powerful as that waged against Putin. A man acting against nuclear weaponry being parked next door in Ukraine, just as did Kennedy when Kruschev looked to that identical action in Cuba.   

Ukraine pushed off the Western news channels since it's CIA, underhand activity looked to be exposed. Compare this with Putin's request for independent examination of their SU24's flight data content.

One thing is for sure. Whilst the modern communication capability remains open to all the propaganda, from all sides loses its impact. Truthful actions and words can hold efficacy if looked for. As I write Daily Politics is doing it's "slaughter all dissent" where Trump is concerned. Except for a better, more measured approach from Neil. Funny old world, as they say!

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