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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Politicians Cause Flooding.

What A Despicable Profession.

There is, at present, an obsession for our politicians to aplogise for almost everything done in the past that can't be traced to their own families wealth. Likewise anything resulting in the present that is negative and inherited from decades of post war political incompetence, never gets a mention.

We have a legion of issues. The EUSSR destruction of democracy leading to the loss of our own fishing waters and the horrendous cost of our energy to assuage the greed of alternative energy providers. That latter including the mega rich, wind farm, bird destroyer fraternity. Only the most well connected, of course. 

These but two matters of so many, in the preceding paragraph. I'm sure anyone reading this can name many more. Not least the hypocrites of the socialist hierarchy. The latest convert, Snotty, selling out what bit is left of any soul he ever had. Wonder what his Dad thought of gross hypocrisy.

However, I reserve a special, deep seated gripe for the manner we are badgered and brain washed over "climate change" or "extreme weather" events. Things which, in reality might do for the human race but for which the Planet and nature will easily cope with. 

Not content with that false "science" the idiots cling obsessively to immigrant fuelled population growth as a means to expand GDP. A notion which beggars belief in its utter stupidity. Such is this obsessive approach, open borders, which the UK Government of Fools pretend we aren't a part of but which free movement within the EUSSR commits us to endorsing. Behind the scenes nastiness.

So as our Country, our green and pleasant land, gives way to massive swathes of new conurbations, legions of infiltrators from all over the globe and endless millions of migrants, no idiot in power stops to consider the consequences. Never mind the waging war against elected Governments you happen to not like, nature loathes over populated areas. 

Indeed you can argue nature has its own way of slapping down overreaching creatures. A savage, even if slow, rebalancing. Ergo is this what we are witnessing in the lemming like dash to destroy natural resources humans are determined to do. thus upsetting the natural Planet we are lucky to inhabit.

Consider the latest flooding in the UK. Just look at the building taking place. Retail jumbo hangars, ridiculous "Business Parks". What's park like about thousands of square feet of sheds stuck anywhere land can be found. Not one thought for the acres of natural soakaways now replaced by inadequate, cheap and small drainage systems.

Housing estates just the same. Average rainfall figures used to cut corners on expensive soakaways and totally useless when a drop more than expected happens to splash down. What we are witnessing all over the country, right now, is little more than the result of crass, self seeking greed. A greed only able to be enjoyed by those privileged to be at the top table. The rest of us just need to buy more wellingtons and tents. 

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