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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

It Was A Good Christmas.

For Many Of Us.

Well, unsurprisingly, perhaps, not Ms Burley!

I hope the OR family Christmas went, for millions of other people, as well as it did for us. Albeit the breathless attempts by the media to imply that, firstly the whole of the Planet was under water but that, naturally, the devastation was worse for the UK than absolutely anywhere else. Secondly the weather was an "extreme" event wholly caused by those the media choose as the evil ones of the day.  

Well I said a few prayers for all those suffering in the World today but found it very hard to bee Christian where the PTB are concerned. Sure the media toyed with the idea that massive house building might be part of the flood causation. Yet deep analysis and direct blame was dodged. Just as the harsh truth is avoided by those responsible for the significant reason for the terrible, constant decline of the United Kingdom's social fabric.

Mass, rapid, dense increase of population is submerging our identity and eventually any remnants of prosperity will soon be swept away in the next deluge of immigrants. More concrete, housing and demands for sewers and waste disposal will and continues at a pace detrimental every bit to the migrants themselves as much as those already polluting their own environment once more easily looked after. At least when a reasonable assessment of future demographic needs was once possible.

Now all the idiots in power can understand is that somehow socially engineered massive growth of population will not do to these small Islands what it has done to huge tracts of many gigantic, third world nations such as the Indian sub-continent. That this madness is allowed to flourish is impossible to understand. 

What is less difficult to see is the awfulness of places such as Calais. A Town now flooded with legions of migrants. Many feckless, ill educated youths. Mobs awash with the testosterone fuelled, frustrated, violence. One inspired by the belief their younger years are seemingly not as easy as the Sodom and Gomorrah nature of extravagant ease perceived in the promiscuity of the West.

Unfortunately we have no flood defenses permitted to stem the gross detritus washing over our culture. At least the little worth keeping left. Where we are headed, however, is signalled but ignored.

It is all so sad and depressing. It is pretty certain that, in a matter of a few moths, the breathless news broadcasts will be forgotten. The waters will recede. At least as far as our land surface remaining is large enough still to cope. The tragedies of last years Somerset Levels and the brilliant recovery made by those local heroes and heroines, will pass into the annals of "do you remember 1947" spoken of by my generation.

Unfortunately the ever growing, unsustainable flood of human beings will remain with us for decades. Along the way tribal conflicts will erupt to a level as unstoppable as the flood waters presently swamping parts of our Nation. All we are doing is laying the foundations for future strife now seen across the Middle East and still bubbling away in the Balkans. 

"Lessons will be learnt" is a pathetic phrase for those proven to be dismal failures in power. Have we ever seen any lesson learnt by the Establishment? Not in my lifetime. I remember Labour's dreadful music, "Things can only get better". Well, they sure as hell haven't, have they?

Even so, I wish the World a happy and peaceful 2016. You never know what might arise!

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