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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

I Have Been Banging On About This For Years.

An Effing EUSSR Gestapo One Goose Step Nearer.

What a disgusting idea to even imagine these cnuts and Merkel are to use this mass immigration social engineering exercise as an excuse to trot out their EUSSR Army. One to be expected to take over any border they choose. Will that be to let millions more through? More likely than to stem this future genocidal future.

To add salt to the wounds Merkel is reported to be have been demanding Camoron's ridiculous non-negotiation trick  negotiation stunt to be swapped for her EU military plans.. A stunt which now appears a facade for cow towing to and expediting the EUSSR Federal plans under the guise of a "successful" load of imaginary, non binding nonsense to persuade the already utterly gullible europhiles.

I've always resented having to show my credentials, at airports, to burqa wearing and other manifestations of alien cultures, totally uncaring for my forebears centuries of sacrifice, war and mayhem to briefly establish a decent society. One now sacrificed to socialism and a Federal EUSSR never wished for or wanted.

Soon I shall be manhandled and rifle butted by thugs from every corner of an ever growing Islamic border force. This latest development is just breathtaking in its sudden manifestation. The stealth normally used by the EU gangsters thrown to the winds and their longed for army of occupation about to be deployed. So democratic, is it not?

Those who consider my warnings and concerns as the ravings of an angry blogger can gloat or you like. I was always nervous, rightly so, about what has been going on in anybody's name with a price in politics. The Kinnocks, Mandleson and a whole legion of grasping, greedy crooks. The likes of Fatty Pang Patten. Towering over all of them Merkel.

A woman who has seen for decades the way to an expanded Federal Germany via the pitiful and deluded Brussels procession of failed bureaucrats and politicians. A future whereby the likes of Bliar and Camoron see their treacherous selling out as "modern" and "progressive". We've been here before, of course. Back when, though, we weren't expected to dig our own graves. Now we are also expected to pay for the shovels and billet the perpetrators.

Are we to expect Ukraine to be co-opted into this force? Is history to be yet again horrifically repeated? The wonderful internet still allows to explore. Before that is taken from us, consider whether or not this is such big a leap of imagination?


  1. I'm astounded the lack of comments on your posts when there is so much sense in your observations. Don't give up posting.

  2. It could get worse. Wasn't Dame Joan Sutherland once denied entry into Australia at Sydney airport?

  3. Rightie, as always you put into words the very thoughts that have haunted me for years too.

    People have laughed at me in the past when i told them that jackboots would goosestep their way on English soil as the fourth reich completes its plan without a shot being fired in anger to defend this land, where generations (who must turn in their graves) have died in doing exactly that.

    We let out passports lapse, we are not being herded like sheep and treated like terrorists in the country we love, it's humiliating enough in the work place where i now have to prove i'm entitled to work here...funny how they never had any trouble extracting all that tax from me since i left school in 1970.