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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Endless Stupidity.

Bombing  Hackney Makes More Sense.

Fallon just addressed the Defense Committee. Spouting from a prepared paper with his ventriloquist crouched under the table. What rubbish spoken. Every word discounting the success Russian and the Syrian legitimate ground forces are having. So much so, the CIA probably nudged Erdogan to shoot down a Russian bomber to stir the pot of Western embarrassment.

Note also not one word from Fallon or Camoron as to the liaison to be made with other air forces, namely Syrian, Russian and it would seem, Turkish/ISIL planes roaming at will until that gross error of judgement. The risk of a British, old Tornado getting in the way, given Dave's naive approach to life, seems quite possible to me. A Turkish F 16 or Russian Su24 both with a need to shoot first after the recent bouncing by Erdogan's ludicrous actions.

Also note the total three monkey Western stance on Erdogan's suspected links to oil deals with ISIS and now possibly even drug smuggling and slavery activity across a border less than unfriendly to ISIS. A border used to cover the attacks on Kurdish fighters in support of ISIS territorial greed for northern trade routes and oil deposits.

On top of all this convenient PR by omission we have the terrible fate of Sirte. Now our Dave and Sarkozy paved the way for this occupation across the water from Europe. Will Davy cop to causing this dreadful situation, with a nod to Gaddafi's murder and the wholesale destruction of Libya? No one queries why Gaddafi was shot in cold blood, do they?

What have our leaders become? Slaves to a Common Purpose agenda for global domination identical in its methods, barbarity and shame as anything perpetrated by ISIS. A purpose prepared to get into bed with terrorists and despots when it suits. Like the IRA. Like the once contented relationship with Saddam when he was fighting America's proxy war against Iran. like Turkey.

The Turkey about to receive a three billion euro ransom to massage the PR for the, failed dismally, open border policy of those crooks in the EUSSR. A club well suited to embrace a gangster like Erdogan. A guy happily gassing his own people this very day! It is all so pathetic and obvious how the West's response to 9/11 was awful. As ISIS now occupy Sirte almost within visual sight of Europe.

Now that pillock, Benn, spouting forth. If Labour had any sense they would bounce Camoron tomorrow. Something many of this Country's sensible folk would love. We don't need to bomb in Syria. We don't need more war to usher in Christmas. It's mad and very bad. It's just a cock waving exercise every bit as was Libya. One in which a huge number of innocents will be slaughtered for. 

I have one phrase for our ludicrous Government and most of our political, moronic Establishment. Bloody grow up.


  1. Spot on – as usual.

  2. Excellent. But, what is to be done?

  3. Belgian, close European borders, drop the euro, join with Putin in supporting Assad. Stop Turkey from joining the EUSSR, kick them out of NATO. Then stop them trading with the ISIL butchers.

    All doable but not part of the Corporate, New World order, Common Purpose requirements. All of those things the opposite of what the elite wish and what the people of the Planet are supposed to accept.