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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Did The World Change?

Sadly, Oldrightie Thinks Not.

A handful of faithful contributors to my little blog have kindly followed my research into the Afghanistan UK presence and the continued sad loss of British and coalition troops. When I discovered that Taliban funding was sourced from drug trafficking and slush funds, extracted from aid agencies, contractors and diverse UN parties, I was disgusted.
I then used information readily available to link sitting Members of Parliament, Ministers and Civil Servants to Bankers and Company Executives. Individuals blithely profiteering from the conflict and the terrible cost in life and wealth to ordinary people, whilst a grand world order coined it.
I then realised I was entering a domain so frequently seen as that of a lunatic and scatty group of nobodies. Yet, strangely, echoes of my eight month presence in the blog world come back to ring a small bell.
Jimmy Brown's trip to The UAE last November. Quietly flogging who knows what to bolster The UK debt whilst quietly meeting Baron David de Rothschild. It then transpires Rothschild is looking to base a major presence in the UAE and slowly switch out of Saudi as that dynasty looks more and more vulnerable.
Then I note the number of MPs suddenly clubbing together as UAE friends. Then Mandleson's old buddy and Sarkozy insider Alain Minc pops up everywhere. Deripaska is part of the whole unsavoury ring and everyone is part of The Rothschild collection. The Federal Reserve is their biggest toy but only one of many. So the world's populations carry on oblivious as to this edifice of power and corruption.
So what? Boring? What's the point?
Well I object to the continued subjugation of African people because their despots don't care to dance to The Bilderberger tune. Nor does The Taliban and The Saudi's are already about to abandon their Kingdom to Islamic revolutionaries. So virtually everything is part of a struggle for supremacy regardless of the effect on the planet or "little folk".
So, a summary.
Afghanistan is a pawn in the economic/political power game.
A European State is a requirement to bolster the Bankers' Control of economic dominance.
The Middle East needs to remain in turmoil to stop Islamic financial progress that is not prepared to work for the same ends as The Western dominated hierarchy.
The UK Government, heavily influenced by Mandleson, wants to complete the sale of The UK to the cartel before a new Government might choose to want different terms.

So, keep fighting and dying all over The World, folks, it's


Posted in 2009!!


  1. Somewhat depressing, OR. Still you have to recognise something is wrong before you can address it.

  2. The election can't come soon enough for me, OR, to scuttle Mandy's plans. Is Cameron going to be any better, though? I have my doubts.

  3. You have only brought to the surface much of what we already knew. The rich and powerful are in charge and we proletarians are either useful or a nuisance in their endeavours for world dominance.

    It's all so shameful when our troops are dying for their ends and don't assume the games will end when the Tories are in power.

    It makes me feel physically sick!

  4. Certainly not boring OR and very intriguing. How can it be changed though, that's the question.

    The rich will always have the upper hand.

  5. Sadly the world did change - and disgustingly for reasons and goals beyond our 'democratic' controls.

    For my sins and increasing insomnia I read too many articles. They confuse me further but also hold a politically morbid fasination. Andrew Gavin Marshall's articles in Global Research are thorough, well respected but frightening. Reading Mr Marshall's 'The Bilderberg Plan for 2009: Remaking the global political economy'(you might find some names of interest in the attendence listings!)and his five part series starting with 'Global Power and Global Government: Evolution and Revolution of the Central Banking System' - both of which present how the high rollers want to establish their version of world order.

    However, what are the alternatives for us to sustain the remnants of liberty we currently cling to? Will their plan be any worse for us - I mean in the 'west' of course? Is there really some force for good out there that will make everything all right? Perhaps our enemies are manufactured, as some suggest, in order to line the pockets of the few and keep the rest of us occupied/diverted dying in useful wars, playing at democracy and earning our daily crusts. Our 'enemies ' are perhaps even more manipulated than we are. War keeps them relatively poor while we syphon their reserves and it prevents them from establishing a robust system of capital accumulation that could threaten our current domination. The constant nature of waging war sustains the barriers and allows the bank profiteering and the war-mongers racketeering to flourish.

    You said it OR - the next UK Government may only alter the terms of our EU Soviet membership rather than reject it. Your summary says it all.

  6. "I then realised I was entering a domain so frequently seen as that of a lunatic and scatty group of nobodies."

    It is a pity indeed that conspiracy theorising has been so successfully misrepresented as the pastime of losers and madmen. I'd almost go so far as to say that the conspiracists themselves are part of a conspiracy to make conspiracy-theorising look idiotic!

    But this is now a world where keeping secrets is almost impossible, as indeed you are proving yourself. The results of such searches and such determination will probably show that the most sensationalist conspiracy theories are probably false, but also that the most disturbing and destructive are probably true. 'Follow the money': indeed!

  7. It's come to something when the only logical explanations for what's happening are coming from so-called 'conspiracy theorists'. I have a feeling that being called a CT will soon go the way of being called a racist or an extremist.

  8. Guido was called a conspiracy theorist when he suggested that Damian McBride was deliberately smearing opponements on behalf of Brown.

    There's nowt wrong with being a conspiracy theorist. Keep it up.

  9. Well, what heartening and such welcome responses. I thought I was failing at what bloggers need to do, by posting a long and potentially boring missive.
    Yet I have a warm, supportive and frankly optimistic series of comments that are very pertinent and show a growing power to alter things over time. No wonder Fondlebum wants to start a purge of the internet and Oldrightie wants to pick up his spade with renewed vigour!

  10. You have all posed fascinating questions and thoughts which I shall look forward to addressing shortly, thank you so much.

  11. Whatever happens, whatever distracts us, whatever distracts governments, big business and capitalism and globalism and materialsim keep plodding along relentlessly.
    These (evil I believe) things rule the world.

  12. The mind of Oddrightie is a curious thing indeed.

  13. Well, Anonymousey, is that a compliment?

  14. And let's spare a thought for the 100 odd British servicemen and women who died in Afghanistan as a result of 9/11 and how pointless their sacrifice was in light of the latest news from Helmand.

    Thanks a lot Bush and Blair! Hope you're sleeping easy in your beds.

    Unfortunately, I suspect you probably are...