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Friday, 4 December 2015

Democracy or Corruption?

Who Gives A Toss?
My good blogging friends have both posted sensible questions as to the likely fraud carried out with Oldham postal vote rigging. Demetrius first up, closely followed by the equally excellent Raedwald expressing the need for reassurances. That the issue of fraud should arise at all is a disgrace. That their may well exist a pact between the established Party hierarchies to ignore, when it suits their control-freakery, convenient manipulation of voting numbers, is just another element which comprises our multi-cultural Nirvana.

On Osborne's fag packet, or rather coke wrappers' paper calculations is the manner he expects continued unfettered immigration to "grow" the economy. Scant regard for the stresses on already overwhelmed infrastructure or genuine regard for quality of life of the peasants. Cheap labour and slum tenants a worthwhile consequence if power is retained in the corrupt hands of a small, Brussels centric elite.

So if voting fraud is the way to stifle any possible change of Establishment, the attitude is "so what?" The end game is and will remain, to eventually hand over all power and "governance" to the European Commission. Part of the steady, irreversible and patient tactics of Common Purpose is to end voting in a meaningful sense. To create such a cultural breadth of population that the indigenous white races will become a minority. The North American Indian copy cat process. A minority which will be ever more isolated and disenfranchised.

Thus I suspect the last thing we can expect to see is any serious effort to identify and root out voting fraud. Especially when it has become a means to an end to suppressing any threat posed by a popular newcomer who might dare to challenge the might of the established elite. I felt last May UKIP voters were hard done by and Oldham looks no better. Sadly, it appears, as the title of this post questions. 

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