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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Another Deluge Of Failure.

Where's King Canute When You Need Him?

The picture dates back to the 1950s. Well before "climate change"! I will pose the following thought, however. Our population hovered back then around 50 million. Still 20 million more than considered a sustainable number for comfort. Yet for decades common sense and intelligent application for government has been trashed. Washed away as it were.

Is it not almost poetic justice that nature tells us all, unequivocally, that we are puny in comparison to the might and power of global climate. A power nothing, other than the carcinogenic death wish of human activity to destroy itself, can influence. Sure the exploitation of localities can cause terrible consequences but post those idiotic actions, nature recovers. 

That the creatures responsible for defecating their own nests are the ones to suffer most appears to escape any logical realisation we are the architects of our own downfall. Not least for the arrogant assumption that somehow we are more important than the natural world we are born from.

Let us consider one simple fact. Since the second world war our PTB decided that the UK and the rest of Europe should entertain mass immigration. Notwithstanding that war and famine of previous centuries brought about the outward mass migration of Europeans to North America. Only to spawn a dysfunctional, power crazy, greedy and nightmarish mongrel power. One drunk in the belief of its own superiority of social democracy. 

A belief long trampled in the corporate arrogance to dominate the rest of the human race. Thus we face the identical reverse colonisation demanded by the US Corporate power to create a Europe in its own dysfunctional image. No thought to the cultural and racial divides that have dogged the States since conception. Or the huge demands this massive and artificial population mix has and makes on its own dwindling resources.

So, back to the UK. Our politicians are fearful of the PR, vote losing ambience, decades of stupidity have wrought. As the heavens open and pour billions of tons of water onto soakaways no longer available. Thousands of square miles of concrete, rooves and archaic or cheaply replaced drainage systems and drained, silted up, rivers funnel these floods into ill thought out, overcrowded conurbations.

A situation, man made, to allow these torrents nowhere to go but to flood the ill thought out floodplain estates and on to destroy houses and buildings built when once an affinity with nature allowed common sense to hold sway and minimise expected and understood flood prone Islands. 

This ever burgeoning and accelerating population growth is meant to grow the short term, vote winning economy. Utterly beyond any intelligent analysis. The billions needed to just address the colossal flood damage alone negating, in one flash flood, the so called benefits of this "growth".

If we really wanted to address the mess our Nation has become it is glaringly obvious we need a demographic control of significant will. It is probably too late but only a stop to this  panic for "growth" and thinking outside that box of greed will we have a chance. We need to quit the EU. Halt all but essential immigration and shrink our demands for ever greater resources to fuel our existence. Quality not quantity should be the mantra in all things. 

Be that in education, health or life per se. Does anyone believe this could ever happen? Not in a UK wedded to the direction, will and diktat of an unelected EUSSR and its parent, the USA. 

For those who wish our destruction, that unholy body is a perfect vehicle with which to destroy us. A ruling class oblivious to the effects that overcrowding, tribal mix and sheer greed for power and wealth are already wreaking havoc. Well, one day these floods, be they nature's wrath or their own ignorance as to the future consequences of their nastiness, will overwhelm their perceived, comfortable invincibility.

Their enemy's friend no longer theirs. Ask the Erdogan Governing Cabal and their hot potato handlers, the CIA about where that alliance is headed. Here endeth thought for the day, brought to you by a modern day Noah! Or Jonah, take your pick.

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