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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Why So Malcontent?

Is It Just Our PM Or The Whole PTB?

Is this the legacy from Bliar Camoron covets?  Was Libya too small?

Why is Cameron so determined to repeat his awful mistakes? Such as Libya. Does he not see how a couple of 40 year old, obsolescent Tornado aircraft are an embarrassment? Or an even deeper and more problematic issue is posed. Why is he so keen to got to war?

One possible explanation is an obsession with "legacy", in the image of his idol, Bliar. Whatever the reasons, our Dave is looking dangerous and out of any logical, sane environment. That his EUSSR counterparts and that dithering Muslim in the White House are seemingly all joined at the hip and dancing an obscene jig of incompetence to rival Jeremy Vine, does not bode well.

Perhaps these clowns need further conflict and war to hide their failures. Do they know of some impending mega issues about which they are powerless to hide the truth of their inability to protect us all? Whatever the reality and hidden motivations, we can be certain the US and The West have wrecked the Middle East, tried to take over  Ukraine and are still beavering away to destabilise Russia.

Furthermore these people have also developed a despicable way to bully, cajole and usurp any popular and wished for electoral votes deemed not acceptable to their obsessive need for power and global dominance. The EUSSR the proving ground for weapons of mass democratic destruction. Greece clobbered Portugal now fully under the EUSSR yolk, Berlusconi forced to hand over Italy.

That anything connected to the US/EUSSR project should contain the word "free" is one hell of a joke. As much a joke and deception as the "free market" and "free trade" clap trap used to bribe any reluctant signatories, in the past. As the dictatorship gets an ever tighter grip so the present day blatant manipulation and arrogance becomes ever more apparent.

Any possible democratic outcome of the UK referendum just won't happen. Turkey hardly embraced Erdogan, the EUSSR's murky hands truly in the frame. Yet again. The plans, to swamp completely the Nations of Europe, their culture and democratic successes of the past, with third world, economic and primarily Muslim millions continues apace.

As for that latter point with regard to immigration. As always, Cameron talks the talk whilst doing the EU walk. Is he coveting, as does Bliar still, the Presidency of the EUSSR? If so, further crass delusion. Merkel's already there!

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