Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Where Hope Lies.

National Survival Thrives.

Here is a post well worth reading. It puts me in mind of the slight but definite lift of spirit I get when I am able to track down pictures such as above. Or read, usually at, that ISIS are getting a pounding and drubbing seemingly incapable of from the West.

The alacrity our PTB and their tame media fail to muster when the question arises that Putin's presence in Syria is at the behest of a democratically elected President. Unlike our lot piling in alongside ISIS and other Saudi backed rebels, utterly without any regard for the consequences.

Claim and counter claim are all very well. However I know which side in these exchanges I believe more. It's not the Common Purpose evil now dressed in Western clothes. My reasons simple. Iraq, Libya and everywhere McDonalds plant their ghastly rainbow of corporate muck. Force fed every bit as is their propaganda and hypocritical moral juxtapositions.

Unlike Western appeasement and liberal weakness, Russia and the likes of Assad know what they're dealing with. If the Western bunch stopped to consider the rebels' credentials they have armed and their mass desertions to ISIS taking millions of dollars with them, we just might see some backbone appear. I'm not holding my breath.

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