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Monday, 16 November 2015

We Are All To Blame.

As We Queue For A Moment In Front Of The Cameras.

The language of our Thespian media today is soooo predictable. The pictures of men dressed in medieval clothes and faces filled with ancient hatred, for the white crusaders progeny, finds these barbarian immigrants ludicrously referred to as Belgian, British, German and French, with an irony utterly without any awareness. The oh so pious crocodile queues of people luxuriating in their walk on bit parts, produced and directed by the tame media, I find sickening.

One phrase used to describe these Islamic butchers is "radicalised terrorists". Whilst our own slavish acceptance of our masters and their publicists goes unremarked even though that, in itself, is a form of radicalisation. No outpourings for Israeli killings by Palestinian bullies. Little publicity or candlelit vigils for the Kenyan awful massacres. 

As for the need to eat humble pie and back the Russian/Syrian axis against ISIL, our useless and cretinous politicians are desperate their "Emperor's" clothes and finery not to be exposed. However we as a whole are people throughout Europe and the USA who have embraced the leftard, liberal dogmatic doctrine of greed, consumerism and totalitarianism. One which is allied to a Common Purpose of global domination to match any espoused by the Islamists.

So spare me the "crocodile tears" for the deaths of strangers. It's not that I don't care. It's the exasperated futility I feel that all this West End, Broadway fantasy is so manipulated. To watch all this solidarity and posturing shattered, as a few fireworks explode showed the real depth of courage and determination to stand up to these bullies.

What possessed some of these people to have kids out on the streets after Friday beggars belief. However it just adds efficacy to my argument that we are all guilty of allowing our Countries to evolve into these disparate, racially mixed hot beds of dissatisfaction. The very tribal nightmare populations now tearing the Middle East to shreds.

We, in the West, have swallowed hook line and sinker the mass importation of cultures hell bent on taking over the wealth and success, such as it is, we have taken centuries to create. I suspect what we, as assumed victims but in reality willing participants in an unholy experiment to mix totally different lines of DNA, have now created is very Pandora's box.

Just as we eventually rewarded the IRA killers with power and wealth, so we will one day do the same with the ISIL butchers. We will standby, shrug our shoulders and if so demanded, flock to Mosques, embrace the ghastly Halal slaughter of animals and demand our women accept lives of subjugation and joyless sex lives. Just as thousands of victims are carelessly and callously allowed to suffer FGM daily in our midst.

Naturally the architects of all this will expect to be above all the consequences. Just as they are right now. Using disinformation such as the attack carried out by the French lauded as a severe response to the Paris attacks. Embarrassing doesn't come close to a description. 

So, people of the UK and Europe, drop the victim-hood agenda. Your fellow migrant citizens have. They have moved on to the original, real agenda, one of dominance and pillage. Grooming gangs, tax evasion and racial venom, unpunished and even assisted by legislation. That known in totally Orwellian Newspeak as "positive discrimination". Hardly positive spouted from a Kalashnikov or suicide belt, is it?

I close with this;

Hunt goes on for Salah Abdeslam, a Belgian born, French National.

Master mind named by a French official as Belgian Abdelhamid Abaaoud.

Once traitors were strung up, not placed in Stormont like sinecures. Ergo, we are not victims but jointly responsible. Not least for permitting us all to get the Governments we deserve.


  1. Immediately after the Paris killings we had idiots on Facebook telling us that this was the sort of thing that caused Syrians to leave Syria, therefore we ought to open the door wide to them.

    Another genius idea was that it happened because Muslims in France feel beleaguered, so the solution is to import more of them.

    Can't be long before Friday prayers are compulsory for all.