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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Turkeys Really Do Vote For Christmas.

With Help From Their Keepers.

Why on all that is Holy are we even talking to these people and that corrupt, nasty murdering scum Erdogan.  I guess just perfect to sign up to the EUSSR traitors to history.  A nice, supposedly unexpected result for the Berlin/Brussels dictators. No real surprise, of course. Ballot rigging and morals for sale is so old hat for the architects of our horrendous future. A fix not necessary for Portugal, I guess that stitch up was in the bag well before any Irish style vote repetition.

Whilst vilifying and plotting constantly to destabilise Russia, the EUSSR happily embrace the slaughter of the Kurds as collateral damage . All and any ends used to justify the creation of a supra state. One with a compliant military and police force prepared to further their own interests for the right price.

I suspect Turkey's secession has always been about the need for riot control forces, with little sympathy for the demise of white, western European cultures and its people. Remember, only whites are supposed to be racist. What I fail to comprehend is the authorities and PTB mindset in expecting somehow they will remain immune to the terrifying consequences of what is really going to happen in the next couple of decades. Cuts to British police forces and military little more than disguised run downs to make way for the EUSSR army and police insurgency.

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