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Thursday, 5 November 2015

So Little Ever Revealed.

Mistakes Never Learnt From.

Like a limp dick this turret could well be from our inglorious departure from Basra. An exercise in sacrificing excellent troops to the vanity of their general's need to massage the egos of their political masters and ensure peerages and future riches in retirement. 

When, probably never, will that cretinous and gross individual, Bliar and his lickspittles be forced to confront their "legacy"? The hundreds of thousands of refugees, the deaths of British soldiers and the associated lives ruined by bereavement or disability. Then Cameron's destruction of Libya and his stupidity, in wanting the same done to Syria.

We are then confronted with the fall out of those ignorant forays into conflict and illegal interference. Mushroom clouds billowing into the sky of refugees and terrorists. The global threat of Islamic enslavement, barbaric cultural imposition and a Western Establishment hell bent on their own greedy obsession for economic dominance of the whole of human existence. A greed only matched by the pathetic and brain dead fanaticism of cultural idealism dragging us all back to The Middle Ages.

All of our lives are poised on the edge of ruin. Our futures dictated by a self absorbed, arrogant US President. A man completely without any diplomatic skills whatsoever. A White House still longing for the days of the Cold War, hell bent on provoking Russia in order to justify mega arms contracts and powerful posturing superiority. A posturing little helped by a genocidal creation of a Nation formed from mongrel stock. Something now deemed the way to go for European culture and society.

Why do these idiots not realise that the can of worms opened by the West's grotesquely misguided interventions, in response to 9/11, were exactly as the militants wanted? Billions of dollars have gone astray, tons of weaponry fallen into terrorist hands, creating armies to be reckoned with. Yet despite all of this error prone activity, the clowns persist in more of the same in Syria.

Naturally the latest disaster to overtake our great leaders is the Russian air disaster. Given the antipathy to Russia, indeed the aggression fueled by America and the EUSSR in Ukraine, can all be lain at America's door. Aided and abetted by bought and paid for sycophants in Europe. The UK included. Obummer's hostile nastiness over any UK decision to quit "The Club EU" but a small example of his diplomatic lack of skill.

If we return to the Russian airliner crash we may develop further our considerations as to the global political mess The West has brought about. If, as seems more and more likely, this was a terrorist act, Putin's lack of rant and finger pointing is in marked contrast to the bile spouted immediately after the loss of MH17 over Ukraine. In my humble pinion, both incidents carry some hint of stigma associated to the West.

If not direct, covert involvement, the, whole behavior of this American Government and their corporate cohorts, in global affairs, leaves much to be desired. Afghanistan now a seemingly joint venture drugs trade with the CIA, possibly just part of all the stuff we may never know about. Other matters come to mind. Who is funding ISIS by buying their stolen oil production? Bet there are some Western beneficiaries. Turkey maybe?

The gross mismanagement and deaths of Saddam and Qaddafi, the nightmare of the Arab Spring's descent into chaos and anarchy, all hide depths of unpleasantness and violence we profess in public to abhor. In secret our Masters are as nasty as anything the Islamic rubbish are guilty of. Their ridiculous response to the mass displacement of migrants, refugees and the many Trojan horses galloping West, as ever, pathetic and useless. That public face of decency again. A mask smeared in blood, not lipstick.

I've said it so many times just recently. Putin and China now hold more of the cards for future decency in the world than our Western wannabe despots. Both Countries, amazingly, have reached this stage in human evolution with a wisdom never before realised by the West's populations.

Both nations, warts and all, have no truck with terrorism and anarchy. The West hides behind so called human rights, as heads literally roll in response to their public faces of gentle, loving, noble protestations of democracy. Sure Tibet and areas of the old USSR such as Chechnya are oppressed and that is wrong. However they only mirror the economic oppression favoured by Western leaders.

In summary, the internet has given us a means to question and research our leaders' actions. Even with minuscule information. bias offers an alternative platform(s) for research. Thousands of blogs, likewise, can offer eye popping suggestions. Many valid, at that. Always a good idea to consider both sides of any story.    

The Americans are at last waking up to Russia's legal intervention in Syria as a superior action to any so smugly entered into by The West. Their only dubious motivation revenge over the perpetrators of 9/11. People not fully held to account, thus far. If a terrorist bomb is found to be the cause of the Sinai event, we can expect a powerful response from Russia. We would do well to back it to the hilt. That probable airline downing a premier league horror in any consideration of massacres of the innocent.

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