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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Paedophilia The New Gay?

It Would Seem So.

The VIP child abuse scandal has been quite easily swatted away. As we read here, the closed ranks are now very interlocked. Victims left abandoned and isolated. The methods employed to shut down the grossness of those running our lives cunning and evil beyond imagination. methods used to keep that crazy arse above free to rape and abuse all and sundry, including corpses, without hindrance.

The same arrogance of invincibility applies to everything wrong with our lives today. All wrapped up in not representative governance via the ballot box but a powerful,  misrepresentative rule. One in thrall to the EUSSR, mass, unfettered migration and quiet tolerance of the criminality and rape culture of millions of barbaric, ignorant immigrant hordes.

If you doubt me just look at the facts surrounding the latest, surprisingly brought to court case hovering around the news. A case which, without social media, would be kept well below the radar. Note, even when these scum are convicted, the condemnation from politicians is muted, to say the least. 

To think that, before the mid 1960s these cases were extremely rare. Indeed any perpetrators of such horror would have got short thrift from every quarter. No longer. How soon before these paedophiles get the status of perfectly acceptable practices tolerated in every corner? It's not their fault. Born like it, we should pity and nurture there minority status. Is this Harman's lifetime achievement reward subject? Nauseous.

These cretinous Establishment wretches pat themselves on the back daily whilst ignoring the consequences of their social engineering. A dereliction of any semblance of duty or lifetime achievement.  This horror the tip of an iceberg.  In our ocean of such frozen inaction or decency I give you yet another. One SS Society Titanic among hundreds, even thousands.

Thank you decades of government without conscience and certainly without representation. Or even any shame at how they preside over so much unmitigated, nightmare frequency.

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