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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Oh The Repetition.

Constant Blah Blah Blah.

Do not visit this link if you are not prepared to be terribly shocked. Several internet commentators have pointed out that the atrocities in Paris are a small version of the daily attacks and murders throughout Iraq, Syria and Libya. None of this aspect has been mentioned by our tame, Western media. Particularly the terrible persecution of Christians.

Nor have the power vacuums engineered by American corporatism in Iraq and Libya and attempted in Syria, received serious, critical examination by our bought and paid for propagandists pretending to offer genuine journalism. To that end the public are denied the full horror of what we have prodded into stirring and is now engulfing us in Europe.

Faulkner, Bliar's suspect flat mate of years ago was trotted out this morning. He was rubbish. No mention of the forceful success of Assad's friend and allies in Russia. Or how a global axis to include China, Russia and the rubbish but necessary clowns in the West, is the only hope. The one way to swat these less than decent creatures, masquerading under the guise of religion but in reality little more than misogynistic  and sadistic rapists and killers. Cowards and cunning but manipulated fools.

The flower placing, crocodile bunches now an automatic reaction to the chance of TV fleeting stardom, the, packed with voyeuristic journalists, private jet fleets bulging with award winning wannabe auto cue actors. The endless analysis never hitting the spot for those of us desperate for some deep seated honesty.

Our PTB have no care for their subjects other than as a means to an end to further their obsessive lust to satiate their greed for power. Not one individual, since Enoch Powell, has hit the mark of what National security of its citizens really means. Streets running with blood now an all to real event.

The unfettered mass migration little more than a perfect cover for invasion. A fact so obvious all the trickery of modern news film fails to hide. Circa 80% of these migrants are young males. Men looking for an east life and unprepared to fight to gain that in their own countries.

Yet our leaders will be signing away more of our history, race and society under the blackmailing of the friends of IS in Turkey. A G20 summit staged in Ankara as a precursor to forcing us all to take on 76 million more Muslim citizens. Many so stuck in abject poverty as to hot foot it to Europe before the ink is dry on the treacherous documents signing away yet more of our hard won freedom and democracy.

If you visited that terrible link think on this. We are daily giving succour to millions fleeing that persecution who have chosen, in the case of all those males, not to stand and fight. So they sure as hell won't be willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with our young men who will, one day, have to eventually stand up or themselves be slaughtered with their own women and children, to make way for the invaders.

None of this ever reaches the front-line debates. Just the somewhat stage managed, public outpourings of gratuitous grief, Cathedral presentations of gaudy panoplies of useless morality, long ago sold out to Mammon. In some respects, do we deserve what is happening? Whilst we are so weak, whilst we accept, meekly, open borders and the daily cosh of economic inequality on a grand scale and the  corruption ingrained in the EU's DNA, perhaps we do.

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