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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Lucy In The Sky With Our Diamonds.

Addled Explains A Great Deal.

Now the very heart of of Tory Party hierarchy is rocked to its rotten core it might be prudent to consider the soft underbelly of Western culture. One which throughout the length and breadth of our major cities is awash with the replacement of After Diner Mints with crushed white powder.

Despite the gangsterism grown mega rich, on tax free trading, to supply both the top end demand and the shivering, addicted, addled, huddled street urchins of varying ages, the concept of the upper echelon's indulgence of these vile drugs is without any shame. Such is the shoulder shrug acceptance of this heinous habit little is possible to expose it.

Widespread coke snorting will soon be accepted as a human right. Judges, military commanders, politicians, including Prime Ministers are probably as untouchable as those of their ilk steeped in paedophile pederasty and rape. An unwritten rule that since such proclivities are so widespread, the stigma of discovery is minimised to a career risk level of zero.

For me the question is does this account for their louche performances? Does it explain the bank scandals, lousy judgement and slavish worship of a future, evolving, EUSSR? One thing I am certain of. This report hints at the efficacy of my post. Might well, for example the sheer stupidity of Iraq and Libya. Cameron's lust to bomb anybody in Syria regardless of any sense. For sure he's no Vlad.

If we extend these habits throughout the Civil Service and scarily a large percentage in the NHS, things begin to look frighteningly bleak. After all, with careers capable of taking its members into £100,000 and then some salaries, why are these junior doctors choosing to strike? Maybe not for more dosh but more nasal snorting opportunities.

Whatever, we must hope there are some checks and balances if or when a PM hovers a digit over the nuclear button whilst bent over a glass table with a straw in his other hand! Not that funny, I suppose but still worthy of asking.

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