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Friday, 13 November 2015

EUSSR Parades Its Nazi Anti-Semitism.

Israel Now Targeted By The EUSSR, With Obummer Cheering On.

I came across this "gem" from my blog list, with some astonishment. Further "googleing" produced further links such as this. Or from the search page, these items, as ever, ignored by Western "media". Or rather propaganda.

If we add this activity and bias against Israel and the Jewish people to the totally opposite love in for all things Islamic, including mass immigration into Europe, a pattern emerges. A pattern scarily reminiscent of the racial and religious engineering beloved of Nazi Germany.

The one marked difference is the obsessive intent to make all loyal citizens of the new Reich, of Arab and Islamic, rather than Aryan and protestant, origin. Thus the ghastly attack on Israeli goods, the luke warm effort by Obummer and The West, against Islamic State, so called, reverberates with a deep and unsettling agenda.

An agenda which so far has wrecked Middle East stability, made millions homeless and given succour to people who make Gaddafi and Saddam look positively saintly. An agenda in thrall to the Saudis, Erdogan in Turkey and probably the butchers from ISIL.

Regardless of Israeli behaviour, they remain a beacon of civilisation when set against Islamic and Arab lack of culture and owners of a depravity now infecting our lives here in Europe. Food for horrific thought.  Even worse, if possible, we learn of this further atrocity, as our EUSSR leaders piss about with alienating Israel.

These are just snap shots of what Europe and the U|K are becoming. The isolated, head in the clouds rubbish who populate the political world immune to the awfulness they are content to ignore. If it's of Islamic, Muslim "ways", such as this frequent act, "which passes all understanding", are quietly pushed under the carpet. The suffering of little consequence when a new world order is being constructed. The cruelty of Halal butchery another accepted consequence of the enforced social change.

Here is a final link but still one debating the stampede to the left of not only the USA but it's EUSSR partners. I suggest that Common Purpose tolerates all cultures capable of manipulation and brainwashing. All OK if it furthers the s a goal of a single, global rule, benefiting the chosen few. That few already seated at the tables laid in Washington and Berlin.

Trouble is there remains two major players not convinced. Russia and China. Both displaying, in my view, remarkable patience and maturity. Their success to date in aiding the Kurds and Syrians loyal to their roots, was even shown by the BBC today. Very unusual. Or perhaps a need to hide Obummer's embarrassment at how well Russia are knocking seven bells of of the ISIL thugs. I suspect the attempt to knock out Johnny Jihad but an act of desperation for PR as good as being earnt by Putin.

What Cameron, Merkel of Obummer would give for the expressions of support given Putin today. Unlike that afforded briefly to Cameron and Sarkozy, after they murdered Gaddafi and before Libya collapsed into hell and left them looking foolish and unliked. It might be worth considering the manner the Russians forced back the Third Reich and their ghoulish sadists.

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