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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

EUSSR Continues It's Corrupt Demise.

Referendum In UK May Not Be Necessary!

After Mad Merkel's call to every piece of human flotsam and jetsam in the world to come to Europe and steep themselves in the huge wealth every EU citizen enjoys, the tidal wave of economic migrants has become overwhelming. That her insanity has now placed millions of such migrants at the doorsteps of every country in Europe, begging bowls to hand, seems to have made her suddenly speechless and reclusive.

Before the similarly mad folk of the left get all huffy, let's not forget one of the largest consequences of this largess is the submerging of genuine refugees and asylum seekers. People long placed at the back of the queues headed by grasping, cowardly youths spurred on by IS and other terrorist groups. Youths, in the main, used as Trojan horses to further the establishment of legions of brutal, uncaring, violent and barbaric scum.

As for the EUSSR Utopia they seek to join, words fail me. It is a construct created and heavily endorsed by the enemy these Islamists profess to loathe, America. A Nation part of the obsession for global dominance shared between Muslim ideology and corporate Common Purpose. Unfortunately doctrines which, as ever in human affairs, benefit only the privileged dictators bossing the show.

Be they Western, corporate entities or butchering Muslim fanatics, the spoils of conquest are demanded. Just in different guises. Both parties are steeped in evil and corruption. The EUSSR still incapable of finding anyone to sign off on their criminality. Ever stopped to wonder at the years passing in which this EUSSR fails to show any significant economic advantages for its enslaved populations?

It is very hard to see how any of these EU "States" will ever prosper again. Germany faces, as does the blighted and weak UK, such colossal costs and burdens on their infrastructures, from these mass and needy souls, already a dramatic, damaging hole in resources, that it becomes ever more difficult to see a future with any prosperity or decency.

The irony in all of this is that a prosperous West's ability to help fund and grow third world economies is no longer possible. Thus our decline damages just as much poor Nations' hope for growth and success. As evidenced by even the Guardian! Additionally exacerbating the mass migrations becoming ever more without economic sanctuaries to seek.

To add to all this mayhem and failure, The West, orchestrated by a President with a less than enthusiastic antipathy to Islamic forces, chooses to vilify and sabre rattle against Russia. Which in turn fails to convince China as to the value of a Sino-Western association. Both Russia and China leading the modern world in how to manage vast populations. Something the West will have to eventually learn.

Arguably we might regard Common Purpose as a group well versed in developing the draconian necessities for managing such multi millions inhabiting overcrowded Countries. To get really down and dirty with conspiracy theories maybe "common Purpose" feel they need Islamic allies, including ISIS, for future riot police!

OK, so pretty far fetched but give me another reason for backing the House of Saud, for a start. Or how readily America backed Saddam against Iran. Screwed Afghanistan then turned on Saddam and wrecked Libya. All of which failed intervention and stupidity has led to the rise of brutal terrorism, supposedly against which we are at war!

In the middle of all this drifting, nonsensical pursuit of World domination we have the economic issues getting way out of control. The very magnet attracting the millions of migrants flooding what they perceive as a Utopian life. A magnet concealing the already endemic poverty, squalor and despair of our inner cities. Every bit as intractable as any to be found in the dusty outposts of the Middle East and Africa. South America, India or many parts of China.

In essence, our Planet is awash with the pollution of humanity. Overbearing, over demanding, cruel and selfish, when massed and huddled together in hordes. A seething and unmanageable mass of animals causing a temporary imbalance of nature and environment. An imbalance nature will redress. 

An imbalance less obvious in smaller societies of like minded genetic sympathies, cultural understanding and cohesive needs. More able to cope with the vagaries of their fellow creatures when scale is understandable,  manageable and understood. Places loathed by the hierarchies and therefore possibly linked to a new develoment. Or is that "experiment"? 

These small community successes are aspects of human existence totally ignored in the quest for a "global", enforced, unnatural, unfair dictatorship of ideology and greed. Two cheeks, maybe? Certainly our small, rural communities look doomed to have imposed on them the same devastation as our inner cities. Enforced by legislation in the form of discrimination laws and a solution for the mass migration acceptable, or even desired, by Common Purpose. 

Germany seemingly the place to kick off an ethnic cleansing of white people.. Ironic, that, don't you think?

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