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Monday, 9 November 2015


Utter Testicles.

In my lifetime decades have passed by in which political establishments have gone ever further left. Pursuing an enforcement of policy and socialist, infantile notions of a Utopian existence of human beings in which all are equal and capable. Indeed, the pursuit of mass immigration to enhance this experiment of multi-cultural "equality" has been lauded into legislating this myth of equality.

However those affected adversely by the deluded arrogance of the left, have been, equally, pun intended, disadvantaged by the negative aspects of shoe horning millions of ill educated, unhygienic, filthy, incompetent and ill equipped hordes. A mass of third world, unevolved, enslaved to brutal creeds and fertile ground for resentment at the perceived inequalities of their new found domicile.

The reality that Western countries have taken centuries to escape the primitive nature of third world lethargy, to do the same as their Western counterparts, can only be seen as an unlucky status of  evolutionary, natural inequality. The idea that moving, en masse, to those Countries deemed affluent will create a "better life" is pathetic and engineered stupidity by those obsessed with mass equals growth.

Before this mass migration, inequality was naturally endemic in the UK and Western Europe. Possibly unfairly, the post war Western Germany, showered with American wealth to buffer the risk of falling to communism, was the only Nation to enjoy economic stability post the second world war. That unequal policy at the expense of the UK and other European Nations and used as a ridiculous template for the EUSSR.

During the 1950s and 60s check out some of the pictures of my old town as an example of my argument. To be found here.  Getting out of this awfulness took a lot of hard work and effort. Yet barely as this was turning round for the better and the inequalities ironed out we began to import a further layer of underclass and deprived.

Until the attitude that natural selection and life can be altered on the whim of human beings is changed and the best allowed to succeed and the least able stop being prioritised, our demise and future will continue to accelerate. The regime change beloved of Western idiotic and American backed political and corporate graspers will continue, regardless of the proof of its ignorance.

Western political and corporate belief that only one way to rule has efficacy is to fly in the face of history and reality. Warring factions kept under control by draconian and powerful leaders, certainly in many areas of the World, has kept a degree of peace and stability, even if abhorrent in its implementation. Arguably whole Nations were equal in the need to conform.

It is therefore probably reasonable to expect, as Western democracy is altered to accommodate expansionist motivations, the outlook for the future of our children and grandchildren will be the very kind we have fought to destroy. That is a despotic, non benign and brutal governance. One in which the concept of "equality" will be gone forever. If not already done for.


  1. This is the biggest issue and the EU is a subset within it. This is the one which see us in a Fall of Rome scenario.

  2. In the 1950's one of my uncles was a GP in Oldbury, he taught me to drive by chauffeuring him on his rounds. As he had been an Adjutant in transport up the Khyber in the 1940's the driving techniques were of a certain character. We would never have expected the West Bromwich area to become more Khyber than British.